this edition of framework:afield, entitled rainstorm reveries, has been produced in vancouver, washington, in the u.s., by regular contributor john f. barber. see his own page dedicated to this show here:

or for general information on his work see:

producer’s notes:

Rainstorm Reveries
John F. Barber

The Pacific Northwest is noted for its scenery, regional wines, craft beers, and rain. The winter rains provide gentle rhythms on the roof, flowing through downspouts, along creeks and rivers, to the ocean.

These sounds are soothing, and quickly become backgrounds for meditation or introspection. This shift occurs along liminal borders, or thresholds, a position where one can experience two worlds simultaneously.

Rainstorm Reveries explores liminal listening associated with rainstorms. The liminal threshold is sound(s) of two worlds, the external, physical world of the rainstorm, and the inner, more subjective world of sub-conscious reveries in response to the soundscape(s) heard.

In creating Rainstorm Reveries I used field recordings of rainstorms as liminal portals to explore other thoughts and/or memories of experiences not directly associated, but inspired, by rain.

To best enjoy this work, consider unleashing your focus and listen as it prompts associative reveries in response to these sounds of rainstorms.

patrick 2018, framework:afield

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