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MOUNTAINS by Toni Dimitrov

Macedonia is a land of mountains. The whole country is covered with mountains. With this untouched nature. I have passed a part of my live up there on these mountains This huge spirits. Heading up to their peaks . Sharing these outstanding moments together. Meeting with rabbits, bears, chamois, the sunset, sunrise, snow, and rain, wind… in spring, winter, summer and autumn. During the day and deep in the night. Mostly alone, but not lonely.

The call of the mountain is a call for a return to the nature. Return to yourself. It is a Call for tranquility and connecting with everything around you. The call of the mountain means also incentive to overcome yourself, the one as you know to this moment. And in the next youll get stronger, more confident. This is not an urge for competition, sports or conquest. There is a deeper sense in it. The climb to the peak has a mystical significance. Metaphysics that you wont find in any other thing here on earth. Poetry for the Soul. Ascension.

Korab, Shar Planina, Baba, Jakupica, Deshat, Krchin, Nidze, Karadzica, Dautica, Goleshnica, Kitka, Galichica, Stogovo, Jablanica, Osogovski, Bistra, Belasica, Ilinska, Plakenska, Bigla, Skopska Crna Gora, Zheden, Vodno… are just some of them…

From these mountains and mountain ranges, 13 are higher than 2,000 meters (and for the Balkan conditions these are high mountains. When youll put all the mountains on one another, their common height would reach outstanding 68 km! All these mountains have around 250 characteristic peaks, of which hundreds are higher than 2,000 meters. Thus, Macedonia has the most mountains in terms of its area, not only in Europe, but also beyond.

These are the beauties of Macedonia. Its untouched nature. Its mountains. Places with magical potential. Places where the sacred merges with the profane. Where you are closer to God. For the uninitiated seemingly inhospitable places that we should beware of, but when you get there, there is no turning back. They’ll call you to come back again and again. And you’ll always experience them differently; you will see something new when heading to the peak. And the peak is a sanctuary for the devotees, who can feel the call of the mountain. And they head straight away…

At this sound piece you’ll hear how the mountain sounds. What is going on around me when immersed with this endless ocean of sound. You’ll just need to close your eyes, and open your ears. Sharpen your senses and forget about everything that you brought with you from down there.

“Life is a mountain that is set as something that stands between that world where we were before the Mountain show up and the world in which we will be when the mountain stays behind us. Reaching of the peak means gathering of these worlds and our life and the mountain itself – in one.

The Peak exists. The Peak is great.

Where is the Peak!

Peak is a hundred steps above? To get a hundred steps above, means to reach the Peak!”

– From The Metaphysics of the Peak by Ferid Muhic

olem Korab 2753 meters above sea level, Titov Peak 2747 meters above sea level, Ljuboten 2499 meters above sea level, Golem Krchin 2341 meters above sea level, Ribnichka scala 2305 meters above sea level, Kabash 2395 meters above sea level, Borislavec 2602 meters above sea level, Crvena plocha 2107 meters above sea level, Rudina 2238 meters above sea level, Pelister 2601 meters above sea level, Solunska glava 2540 meters above sea level, Kajmakchalan 2520 meters above sea level, Vir 2288 meters above sea level, Kota f 10 2265 meters above sea level, Golem Rid 2268 meters above sea level, Crn kamen 2256 meters above sea level, Ruen 2252 meters above sea level, Zelen breg 2165 meters above sea level, Medenica 2163 meters above sea level, Dobra voda 2061 meters above sea level, Radomir 2029 meters above sea level, Karanikola 2479 meters above sea level, Sandaktash 1981 meters above sea level, Babin srt 2245 meters above sea level, Kuchibaba 2454 meters above sea level, Kobilica 2528 meters above sea level, Dobroshki 2370 meters above sea level, Ezerski Peak 2580 meters above sea level…

Toni Dimitrov is a cultural producer and cultural explorer, radio host and radio activist, philosopher and communicologist, poet and mountain/rock climber… but also sound artist, dj, designer, organizer, label owner, based in Skopje, Macedonia. When at home and not traveling he is doing various projects that keeps him busy, from art and music that is obviously the main focus of his hectic lifestyle, but also other projects including radio, sound art and field recordings, curating a label and sound/art events, writing, drawing and doing design… His radio program ‘post global: conceptual program for new music’ broadcasts on music radio Kanal 103 for 15 years already and it is dedicated to contemporary electronic music, soundscape and field recordings. Sound wise at the moment he is active with the sound_00 moniker, producing ambient, drone, soundscape, field recordings based music, releasing countless albums, eps and compilation appearances on many labels such as Stasisfield, Deserted factory, Panospria, Charlotte Sometimes, post global… He curates and organizes Creative weekend residencies. Aside from this, his activities during the years are connected to other music/art/cultural projects such as Tiny Noise, Radia, Upgrade, Kanal103, Line Initiative and Movement, Produkcija, Solis, Kreative weekend, Post Global Recordings and Post Global Trio and many more…

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