this edition of framework:afield has been produced in spain by blanca rego, aka _blank. for more information see http://www.null66913.net. notes from the producer:

I grew up between Ferrol and A Coruña, two cities in the Northwest of Spain in which it rains about one hundred and thirty days per year. In Spring, Autumn, and Winter, it rains every other day. In Summer it rains one day per week. That means that rain is almost always present on the landscape, and on the soundscape. In this Region of Spain, called Galicia, it rains so much that in Galician language we have more than one hundred words to refer to different types of rain:

Arroiada, babuña, babuxa, babuxada, ballón, barballeira, barbaña, barbuza, barralla, barrufa, barruñeira, barruza, bátega, borraxeira, breca, cairo, cebra, chaparrada, chaparrazo, chaparrón, choiva, chuvascada, chuvia, chuvisca, cifra, ciobra, dioivo, fralleira, froallo, lapiñeira, marmalla, marmaña, meliada, meluria, mollapitos, mollabobos, mollaparvos, molura, morriña, orballeira, orballo, poalla, poallada, poalleira, torboada, torbón, treboada, trebón, trobón, tronada, xistra, zarampallada, zarapallada, zarracina, zarzallo…

When I turned nineteen, I moved to Barcelona, in the Mediterranean coast of Spain. In Barcelona it rains about fifty days per year, and when it rains the city paralyses because nobody is used to living in that kind of weather. I live in Barcelona since 1993 and I still miss the rain, the smell of the rain, the sound of the rain… When it rains, I take my portable sound recorder and my binaural microphones and I wander through the lonely streets. In Catalan language I only know of nine words for rain: Pluja, aiguada, aiguat, terrabastada, plovisqueig, plugim, ruixada, ruixat and xàfec.

[source – artist]

RAIN221209LCG – Blanca Rego

Lluvia galería – Iago González

Chiu Longina dende Ferrol – Chiu Longina

Lluvia de contactos – Marco Maril

RAIN2401209OU – Blanca Rego

Confluencia dos ríos Miño e Támoga – Carlos Suárez

RAIN190410BCN – Blanca Rego

BCN Stairwell Thunder – Justin Bennett

Gotes de Pluja, Gràcies Jacqui – Philippe Faujas

Lluvia noche invierno – Pedro Montesinos

Pluja excerpt – Pablo Sanz

Rain at Barcelona, Spain – Mikel R. Nieto

patrick 2015, framework:afield

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