sorry for the tardiness of this podcast and playlist (yes, i’m sure you all noticed). this is due to the fact that i am writing you from the midst of tartu’s worldfilm festival of ethnographic cinema, where we organised the opening day seminar on sound in documentary film, contours of sound, and where i have now reverted to my usual role as festival skype-master. what i’m trying to say is, things are a bit hectic ’round here and the framework offices were not able to stay up that little bit later the last few nights to get all the right files in all the right places. but anyway. have a look, this is a great place to be:

meanwhile, the show we did somehow manage to get together is a good one – finally featuring this wonderful disc from our friends in the seattle phonographers union, along with great sounds from richard garet, yannick dauby, and chris whitehead. and of course an intro recorded for us here in estonia by taavi tatsi.

and an appeal (aside from the usual appeals for donations and intros, which, of course, are also still in place: donate! record intros!) – we are remarkably low on framework:afield editions, and we think to ourselves: how can this be? who, in this community, wouldn’t want to take the opportunity to curate and produce their very own 55 minutes of top notch field-recording based radio? who wouldn’t want to enter their own names into the annals with those that have already produced editions of framework:afield over the years, to the great accolades of fans and critics worldwide? so i can only assume that some of you don’t know that you have this opportunity, so i will make it clear: we are always accepting proposals for editions of our guest curated edition, and the lines are open! if you have an idea for your own edition, get in touch NOW!

again, we are always looking for material for the show, whether raw field recordings, field recording based composition, or introduction submissions. we are also now accepting proposals for full editions of our guest curated framework:afield series. send proposals or material, released or not, on any format, to the address below. if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

(time  /  artist  /  track  /  album  /  label)

00:00 – 04:37  /  taavi tatsi  /  framework introduction
[no web info]

02:34 – 14:41  /  seattle phonographers union  /  sonarchy: march 17, 2007  /  [s/t] /  and/oar, mimeomeme,,

08:55 – 33:04  /  richard garet  /  [extract 1] /  l’avenir  /  winds measure recordings,

12:49 – 30:56  /  yannick dauby  / [extract 1] /  overflows  /  sonoris,

21:00 – 28:15  /  chris whitehead  /  100 birthdays  /  100 birthdays  /  electronic musik,

27:13 – 39:01  /  seattle phonographers union  /  chapel performance space: february 29, 2008  /  [s/t] /  and/oar, mimeomeme,,

34:09 – 42:16  /  chris whitehead  /  duodecimotone  /  100 birthdays  /  electronic musik,

38:47 – 48:49  /  richard garet  /  [extract 2] /  l’avenir  /  winds measure recordings,

42:38 – 55:53  /  yannick dauby  /  [extract 2] /  overflows  /  sonoris,

44:24 – 53:58  /  seattle phonographers union  / hollow earth radio: september 8, 2008 /  [s/t]  /  and/oar, mimeomeme,,

49:54 – 57:00  /  chris whitehead  /  pannett /  100 birthdays  /  electronic musik,

patrick 2011, regular edition

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