after a few weeks off, welcome back to new framework programming! before we get to the show, a version of my semi-regular plea:

framework has been running for almost 9 years – this is our 324th show. as you can imagine, this production takes a huge chunk of my time. we receive no financial support from any institution, radio station, or arts funding body. only from YOU, dear listener. in order for framework to be able to continue into the future, it MUST be able to cover its costs (studio, resources, hours, rent). the support from listeners with the appearance on the framework250 cds early last year was great, and we really appreciate it. but since then things have really dropped off, and, aside for a handful of dedicated subscribers (you know who you are!) donations have almost completely stopped. there will be another cd release coming up this summer for you to sink you ears into, but in the meantime, PLEASE consider donating and helping to keep us on the air. if you are a regular listener (and we know that many, many of you are) consider making a regular monthly donation via the subscription buttons on our website. you can contribute as little as €1 a month! if everyone who automatically downloads our podcast every week would contribute €1 a month, i would never, ever have to waste playlist space with this plea again.

so the short version: please show us you love us and donate to keep framework on the air!

now on to the show: this week’s edition of framework:afield has been produced in portugal by rui costa on behalf of binaural media:

Around the River Bend

This radio piece was edited from a variety of sound sources and compositions created for or recorded at Paivascapes #1 – Paiva River Sound Festival. This festival took place between March 4th and 8th of 2011 in various locations along the Paiva River, in Northern Portugal, and included a program of sound installations, performances, video screenings and conferences dedicated to the exploration of riverside locations and communities through sound and multimedia art. Following Patrick’s invitation to dedicate a Framework radio show to the festival, Binaural/Nodar asked everyone that was part of Paivascapes to send a sound excerpt related in some way to the festival. The resulting piece features a variety of locations, times of day, seasons, and contexts including recordings of the festival performances, source material collected by the artists for their sound and audiovisual installations, sound clips included in Binaural/Nodar’s Paiva River Sound Mapping project, spontaneous recordings of social gatherings during the festival, and improvisations made by children inspired by the river soundscapes or by the names of the places where the festival happened. The resulting piece offers an aural window into a unique experience, and serves as a tribute to those who made it possible, whether artists or production team or audience.

Edited by Rui Costa (Binaural/Nodar)

Source material performed, composed or recorded by:
Anna Hints, Charles Stankievech, Duncan Whitley, Ignaz Schick, Jez riley French, Lasse-Marc Riek, Luís Costa, Maile Colbert, Manuela Barile, Marc Behrens, Marja-Liisa Plats, Patrick McGinley, Phill Niblock, Rui Costa, Samuel Barile Costa, Students of Canelas Primary School, Tiago Carvalho


patrick 2011, framework:afield

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