this edition of framework:afield, entitled unheard delhi, has been produced in zurich, switzerland by jason kahn, using material recorded in delhi, india. from the author:

Jason Kahn “Unheard Delhi” (2009)

In the piece “Unheard Delhi” I interviewed eight residents of Delhi, asking them “What is your favorite sound or sound atmosphere in the city?” I taped these interviews and then went out in the city and taped their answers, resulting in this 55-minute piece.

Since 2002 I have been developing a series of works entitled “Unheard Cities.” These works have taken the form of sound installations, performances and radio pieces. I hope through these works to arouse both a greater consciousness of and interest in the sound environments unfolding around us everyday. As an artist, these works allow me to discover urban spaces through sound, discovering cities through the ears of others.

patrick 2011, framework:afield

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