R-368107-1158263679.jpeglionel marchetti, l’incandescence de l’étoile, stichting mixer, 2003

firstly let me apologise for the lateness of this playlist.  i try to get them out before the repeat airing (the wednesday after the live broadcast) for the benefit of those whose interest is piqued enough by my oh-so-in-depth description to tune in, but i left town immediately after our last edition and have just returned.  which means, of course, that our next live show is this coming friday…

our last show began with a special introduction recorded by mike hallenbeck in celebration of our fiftieth edition.  we started broadcasting shortly after resonancefm went on the air in the summer of 2002 and have been proudly watching support for the station grow ever since.  resonance is now applying for it’s five year license – go to our website to see how you can support our efforts further: http://www.resonancefm.com.  here’s to fifty more shows!

mike’s intro was followed by a long track from the fine, fine first solo release by jgrzinich, long time collaborator of the likes of mnortham and seth nehil.  his first cd, on cmr, is a delicate mix of natural and electronic sound, evoking an extremely personal description of both physical and mental space; highly recommended.  this was followed by more improvised work by our friend pawel grabowski, a sampling of work by last edition’s intro contributor, thanos chrysakis, and also work by philip blackburn and heribert friedl.  we finished this edition with a mix of the extremely composed electro-acoustic work of lionel marchetti and a track or extremely raw wineglass generated tones by an_polarity.

plans for the near future: this friday will feature, among other things, some material from the new australian label naturestrip, and coming in the next few weeks will be some exclusive material from m.behrens.  finally, two shows from now, the 25th of june, framework will be participating in a week of events here in london (including concerts, films, installations, lectures, meals and radio broadcasts) by the great hafler trio.  the show (and others that week on resonancefm) will be dedicated entirely to specially produced material, tying in with all the other events.  please see the h3o website for more info: http://www.brainwashed.com/h3o/Live/horsey-horsey/

 [artist  /  title  /  album  /  label]

mike hallenbeck  /  framework intro
recorded on the banks of the mississippi in celebration of framework’s fiftieth edition

john grzinich  /  kinetic sense  /  intimations  /  cmr
wide sweeping soundscape composed in part of recordings taken on a small island off the coast of croatia
http://www.kaon.org/~jgrzinich, http://www.cmr.co.nz

pawel grabowski  /  -  /  glitch letters  /  sine
fragmented improvised field recordings recorded live in dublin
http://www.pawelgrabowski.prv.pl, http://www.sine.prv.pl

thanos chrysakis  /  vessel of farewells  /  -  /  –
spacious cityscape recorded as part of the drift:resonant cities project of a few years back

philip blackburn  /  -  /  habanera  /  innova
untreated collage of binaural recordings made around old havana , cuba in march 2004

heribert friedl  /  return  /  to bear in remembrance  /  earlabs
extremely minimal crackling and booming acoustic sound manipulations
http://www.earlabs.org,  http://www.nonvisualobjects.com

lionel marchetti  /  -  /  l’incandescence de l’etoile  /  stichting mixer
crystalline and highly composed structures featuring natural and unnatural sounds contrasts with…

an_polarity  /  wineglass feedback  /  -  /  –
…raw pure tones created through the vibration of crystal

patrick 2004

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