#065: 2004.12.17 [jeph jerman]

this edition of framework:focus featured the work of jeph jerman – we sampled field recordings and compositions he has made over the years (both under his own name and as hands to) using typically inexpensive tape recorders and mics, giving his body of work a characteristic grainy, earthy sound. this mixed with commentary and observation he recorded himself, on his work, sound in general, inspirations and anecdotes (we want a t-shirt with an anatomical drawing of an ear too)… we think this is one of the best editions of framework:focus we’ve had the pleasure to produce yet, so if you missed it, it’s highly recommended you try to catch wednesday’s repeat (at 11am gmt).

for more information on jeph and his work, or to order any of his recordings (all of which he has made available on cdr for order direct from him) see his website – and soon, as it is rumored that the anomalous records site won’t be available much longer – at http://www.anomalousrecords.com/jerman.

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#050: 2004.05.14

http://media.blubrry.com/1474243/archive.org/download/2004.05.14FrameworkRadio/framework050-2004.05.14.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (136.2MB)Subscribe: RSSlionel marchetti, l’incandescence de l’étoile, stichting mixer, 2003 firstly let me apologise for the lateness of this playlist.  i try to get them out before the repeat airing (the wednesday after the live broadcast) for the benefit of those whose interest is piqued enough by my oh-so-in-depth…

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