maxresdefaultalan lamb, primal image, dorobo, 1995

This was our first broadcast, so we tried to get our air-legs and give a brief overview of what our hopes for the show are. We broadcast until 10:30 this week, starting with several tracks from the compilations, then moving in to more composed territory and finishing with a live performance for remote kitchen activity down a telephone line by Romuald Wadych. Upcoming live appearances include Jonathan Coleclough and myself (murmer) on July 12th, and sawako on July 28th.

DALE LLOYD – old snoqualmie train tunnel – 1 (, USA)

MURMER – escalator at pimlico tube station – 2 (, USA)

JON TULCHIN – Tree Creatures – 1 (, USA)

JOSH RUSSELL – transgenic bacteria freezing in a dry ice/methanol bath – 3 (, USA)

MARCELO RADULOVICH – rehearsal at st. francis college, san jose, costa rica – 2 (, USA)

TOYISHA TSUNODA – Bottle at park: Yokosuka central park, Fukadadai (Yokosuka city, Kanagawa prefecture) – Extract from field recording archive #2: The vibration inside a hollow (Hapna, Sweden)

ALAN LAMB – Primal Image (extract) – Primal Image (Dorobo, Australia)

ILLUSION OF SAFETY – Not Good – Water Seeks It’s Own Level (Silent, USA)

AARON BERGMAN – tracks 4 & 5 – The Shed Record (Diskono, UK),

TOY.BIZARRE – chapitre 2 – kdi dctb 02 (duebel, Germany)

MICHAEL PRIME – fusilli – Domestic Science (Mycophile, UK)

THE QUIET AMERICAN – track 1 (extract) – tessellation: moments in burma (cdr)

patrick 2002, regular edition

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