#769: 2021.09.19 [CENSE]

The recordings from this mix were made by CENSE members during the annual Reveil radio event, a 24-hour continuous live broadcasting which took place on May 3, 2021. You will hear dawn choruses from Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Ireland, and Estonia. Mix by Anamaria Pravicencu and Tomáš Šenkyřík.

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#768: 2021.09.12

well folks, we’re back! we’ve been on our annual break for the month of august, cleaning the sauna and resting our ears, but now we’re back in the studio, bathing in sounds. we’re now permanently installed in the new framework HQ, although we’re missing things some little things, like doors and a few windows, and the well keeps running dry, but at least the listening is organised. we’ve got some great new sounds to get the season started, included a cracker by an old favorite, byron westbrook, and a compilation we’ve been meaning to get to for some thing, the make noise myanmar project, in support or artists and musicians there. also another great release on flaming pines, this one by liz helman, and of course a selection of recent listener-chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps. and it all began with an introduction recorded for us in the united states by stephen bradley, more of whose work can by heard in the recent uni.sol_ edition of framework:afield.

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#767: 2021.07.25 [blanc sceol]

this week’s edition of framework:afield, entitled listening with the blackwater estuary, was produced in the united kingdom by blanc sceol (stephen shiell & hannah white). for more information see https://blancsceol.co.uk. producer’s notes:

This piece visits the Blackwater Estuary from both sides, at Tollesbury and Bradwell-on-sea. Working with a variety of microphones, these layered field recordings and voice seek to contribute to the acoustic commons and bring listeners to an area of natural heritage currently threatened by the proposed Bradwell B nuclear power station, 15 years after the old station was officially defueled. A journey from newness to becoming, a resting and a migration, and a sense of urgency in the face of this new threat to the area. […]

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#766: 2021.07.18

this is out last regular edition before our annual summer break – every year we take the month of august off to refresh and recharge our ears, and this year we’ll be doing that while finally (hopefully!) moving framework into it’s new permanent home and studio. we’ve been semi-nomadic for almost a year now, and we’re really looking forward to putting our bags and our monitors down for good.

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#765: 2021.07.11 [uni.Sol_]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced by uni.Sol_, curated by slavek kwi, and features contributions from david rothenberg, stephen bradley, david michael, and wilbur bewley. producer’s, and cicada’s notes:

phaaaroahs phaaaaaaaaaaaarohhhh phaaaaaaaarraoooooooh tshtke-EHHHHHHH-ou chh chh chh chh chh chh chh chh chh chh chh chh mch mch mCH mCH mCH Ch ch ch ch ch swiiiiiiiiiiishhhh swiiiiiiiiiiishhhh swiiiiiiiiiiishhhh crzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzhh chrzzzzzzzzzzaahhh tshtke-EHHHHHHH-ou tshtke-EHHHHHHH- ou mch mch mCH mCH mCH Ch ch ch ch ch swiiiiiiiiiiishhhh

Magicicada septendecim, M. cassini, M. septendecula featuring Homo sapiens sonoris:

David Rothenberg, Stephen Bradley, David Michael, Wilbur Bewley (USA), Slavek Kwi & teenage students* from Scariff Community College in Ireland and uni.Sol_community worldwide. […]

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#764: 2021.07.04 [embla quickbeam]

we recently learned, through the words of jez riley french in the wire, of a great loss to our community: rowan forestier-walker, who recorded her amazing soundworks under the name embla quickbeam, has passed away. her work was a very recent discovery for us here at framework, much to our shame when we realised it’s been out there in the aether for many, many years (her first full release as embla, as far as we know, dates from 2011 and features in this edition). we encountered it by chance only earlier this year, and first played it on the show, her latest full-length solo work released by chocolate monk, in april. we’ve never had direct contact with the artist, but the sensitivity, compassion and focus that jez makes clear about her in his writing comes through with great force in her work. we regret that we will not get a chance to meet her, or hear her perform, or experience to further development of her work, but we are grateful to have made this discovery and to have the sounds that she left us, her listeners. […]

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#762: 2021.06.20

two of our favorite artists in this week’s edition, manja ristić and jim haynes both have new releases, on lp and cassette respectively, and they mingle nicely with a fine selection of sounds from the aporee soundmaps, as well as field recording-based selections from across multiple self-released albums by timo carlier, a lovely live recording by friendly.organisims (the collaboration of katharina hauke and till bovermann). and we began with a framework introduction recorded for us by dillon vessels at camp coggins in the united states.[…]

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#761: 2021.06.13 [sebastiane hegarty]

three horizons
Sebastiane Hegarty

In 1901, Marconi sent a wireless signal from Knowles Farm on the Isle of Wight to the newly built Lizard Wireless Telegraphy Station, in Cornwall. Not only was this the furthest a wireless signal had travelled at that time, it was also the first ‘over-the horizon’ transmission. Prior to this, it was believed that ‘the operating range of wireless would be restricted to the [optical] horizon.’ But on the 23rd of January 1901, in what became known as ‘Marconi’s first great miracle’ the arrival of a brief dit-dit-dit at The Lizard Wireless Station, signalled not only the letter ‘s’, but also an escape from the visible and concrete, a flight from the material into the airy immaterial and unknown. […]

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#760: 2021.06.06

the backbone of this week’s edition is the inclusives collaborative compilation, a project by tsuku boshi and the fair_play network. sonic material was provided by zineb soulaimani, laryssa kim, carol robinson and sage pbbbt, and works were then composed by 32 artists, 6 of which feature in this program: camille lacroix, isa stragliati, katherine webster, aline clair, vendula guhova, and dong zhou. fair_play is a network dedicated to promoting the visibility/audibility of women (cis/trans/non-binary) in the fields of sound creation, experimental, alternative, electroacoustic music and related arts and techniques. check them out here: http://fairplaynetwork.fr/

we also heard a self-released reflection on jesse kaminsky’s family and home town in fayetteville, arkansas; a digital re-release of sawako’s 2014 cd for baskaru; a composition of emmanuel faivre’s wind recordings from lozère in france available through freesound.org; the latest wonderful sonic abstraction from the nula.cc platform; and a selection of recent listener chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps, this week from italy, mexico, france, czech republic and germany. and we began with a framework introduction recorded for us in taiwan by vince hancock.

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#759: 2021.05.30 [mark vernon]

this edition has been produced by regular contributor mark vernon. producer’s notes:

Mark Vernon – Ribbons of Rust
Audio Archaeology Series Volume 2: Laem Thian

Ribbons of Rust continues a series of works exploring concepts around audio archaeology and found sound that began with the ‘Lend an ear, leave a word’ LP – Volume 1 in the Audio Archaeology series – released on Kye records in 2016. It is an irreverent, non-purist approach to field recording that puts found sound recordings of voices and music from the past on an equal footing with contemporary field recordings of a particular location. […]

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#758: 2021.05.23

we’re in a hectic period of paint scraping as we renovate old floorboards to be installed in the future framework HQ, so we’re a little late getting this playlist out. but we think this show sounds good and we think you will too – it’s got the first full-length release from moltamole featured on the show; we’re pleased to hear an unfathomless release from our friend masayuki imanishi, who featured back on issue #7 of framework:seasonal; also the latest, and maybe our favorite to date, release by viv corringham; and two new names (for us), in collaboration, katharina schmidt & fahmi mursyid. also an intro by martin bainbridge, a new work inspired (we’re told) by slavek kwi’s recent edition of framework:afield, and a mix of dawn chorus recordings by karsten köhler […]

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#757: 2021.05.16 [slavek kwi]

this week’s edition of framework:afield has been produced in ireland by slavek kwi, aka artificial memory trace. producer’s notes:

author: alfa00_2404_1
title: dUsk consEnsus III. (segment 1)

Abstract Audio Article in “kwatarese”** recorded “live” 24th April 202(1) during dusk starting at 7 PM, time-zone Ireland, eastern Clare by Slavek Kwi, correspondent for alfa_AAzine.

** abstract multi-dimensional meta-language resemblant to human concept of “music” using the surrounding audio-environment as interface (WSi = weather sensitive installation) of connection in between transmitting and intercepting parties simultaneously “Kwatarese” is more focused on sharing the experience rather than information, looking for creating irrational sense of balance and resonance in between participating elements.

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