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this week’s edition of framework:afield has been produced in ireland by slavek kwi, aka artificial memory trace. producer’s notes:

author: alfa00_2404_1
title: dUsk consEnsus III. (segment 1)

Abstract Audio Article in “kwatarese”** recorded “live” 24th April 202(1) during dusk starting at 7 PM, time-zone Ireland, eastern Clare by Slavek Kwi, correspondent for alfa_AAzine.

** abstract multi-dimensional meta-language resemblant to human concept  of “music” using the surrounding audio-environment as interface (WSi = weather sensitive installation) of connection in between transmitting  and intercepting parties simultaneously “Kwatarese” is more focused on  sharing the experience rather than information, looking for creating irrational sense of balance and resonance in between participating elements.

Set up for recording:
WSi: various chimes (metal, bamboo), sound flags, gong, airharp – including sounds of environment, wildlife and human generated sounds. Recording interface: stereo microphone Rode NT4 and mono DPA 4060 microphones placed about 20m from each other outside, contact microphones Stille&Klang attached to gong and airharp leading via mixing desk Yamaha EFX8 to Sound Devices 722.

Tuning-in instrument: “kwatar” (4-string fret-less electric guitar with reverb’n’echoes

Parallel stream & fragments of thoughts:
(originally written during 2018-2021)

Artificial Memory Trace.
Who am I?
The reflection within, of my own environment?

I have been exploring sounds since the late 70ties and after so many years, I am still just as fascinated by their endless potential. Not much has changed regarding the spirit of my approach: my goals, my direction, my focus:_: I am still searching for absolute freedom, the perfect conditions for freedom to arise _to unfold effortlessly – ever evolving. The core the heart – stays the same, while form evolves all the time … sometimes leaping from one extreme to another, sometimes slowly eroding … flowing in minute changes – each cycle almost identical to previous – the same the same but different – repeating in variations … reset! again and again …

Imagine an alien race living in a completely different paradigm, communicating via sounds reminiscent of the human concept of “music” who can “see” the sounds, similar as human concept of synaesthesia. Imagine this alien is trying to tune in surrounding environment, looking for a ways to co-exist within unknown habitat. Every sound has the same potential to interact, all sounds are equal participants in ecological organism. The alien is trying to find his own equal place within, the same as any other sound.

I am listening in awe to surrounding environment. I wonder how I, as a human being, fit in? What is my place? How can “I” be an integral part of my environment by simply being “present”: here and now _ as an equal participant _ in the same way as weather, wildlife, any other occurring event. I am instinctively seeking a sense of balance, a feeling of harmonious belonging, a being- together. Connection.

The sound environment as energetic interface in between “I” as representation of singular entity and “the other” as the reality. The paradox is the inclusion simultaneously of both: singularity and multiplicity together as third unstable form in state of perpetual oscillation trying to maintain the balance in between singularity and

The music, the sounds, seems having magical ability – superpower – to tune effortlessly together, to collide in energetic harmony. Through intensive listening everything becomes alive, every subtle sound shivering in the air in tandem with my feeling of belonging. The music rises from an unknown and I am listening – speechless – in the core of creation itself:_: just listening to the primeval tone of my soul weaving into every moment, every other moment and another: perpetually changing _ adapting _ seeking for harmony _ seeking for that feeling I am attracted to: freedom …an opening of heart to the world – fearless: …

Practice as transient ever-evolving end-product.

I am using the immediate surrounding environment as interface for connecting with “the rest of the world”, call it “the reality” if you wish. I have impression when I am trying to tune myself to my immediate sound environment, it helps me to be more sensitive to every perceptible minuscule fluctuations and changes between tension in my body – the emotion and the environment. Sound is my portal: a place to dream of endless possibility, of another future unfolding. A dream. Abstraction. -Interesting character of abstraction is in its interpretation, it has infinity of options – therefore it represents ultimate freedom. Freedom of abstraction! The information is redundant. The experience is redundant. Resistance is futile. Everything is a question of tuning. Consonances of peace. The variations are completely unpredictable. The combinations of harmonious synchronous parallel realities seems endless. Close to infinity. The diversity as natural phenomena is focused on life. Interconnectedness is paramount! Listen.

Listen to the music for slowing of now and acceleration of the ability to connect. Free your mind! Take control of your own mind: become telepathic!

… and this is “my” telepathic dream:
I hope we will find a way how to connect together in one empathetic organism acting as one single individuality _ to tango cleansing oceans — dancing ___ hand’n’hand in hand …
together as one mighty wave of gathered minds _
buzzzzzing _
Help! Helping. Hearing each other in unison : the soul as single sound.
Each different and always in tune finding automatically its magnetic and compatible particles assembled …
All those beautiful people … all those amazing worlds.
(The worlds of others. Some open for visit …)
How to be. How to be together? Impossible combinations. Destination.
I am still wondering. Listen. Listen.
What can we do? Do you hear? The words. Forming sounds. Meanings. Meandering.
Agreed upon. Symbols. A wishing well of well-being …
I wish to create such projects which would elevate us to magical world:
the place where everybody feels good_ accepted …
I wish to make such situations that I – myself – would believe in magic again. I forgot_we have forgotten. Then would you believe me? Would you?
All those forgotten powers.
Talking to birds.
Whispering with thunder.
Fire of action: black.
Dark secrets in light … lightning … clearing the path …
nocturnal voices _ follow _ follow those …
follow your inner voices …
The Dog smiled.

slavek kwi, 2021.05
patrick 2021, framework:afield

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