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this edition has been produced by israeli-irish artist and activist meira asher, and was originally part of her 22 hour program sonic voyage of resistance for the radio art zone project, which aired in luxembourg in september 2022.

please note: this program has been scheduled to air at this time since june of this year, long before the events of october 7th and their aftermath. producer’s notes:

Sonic Voyage of Resistance – The Shepherds community of Hamra, North Jordan Valley, Palestine

Commissioned by Radio Art Zone 2022
author: Meira Asher
Featuring two shepherds from Hamra, activists Gilles Alexander and Meira Asher, and two Israeli soldiers.

From October 7 2023 onwards the entire world has seen one brutal example of life in Palestine/Israel. Let me introduce you to another example; one which is not spoken about, hardly on any media. It is, literally, an everyday occurrence. Day in, day out, quietly exploding, away from the world’s ears.

Every morning, a few of the Jordan Valley Activists arrive at the shepherds homes in the Jordan valley and accompany them for a few hours as they go out to graze. The activists’ presence provides a measure of security against the Israeli settlers harassment and the arbitrary behavior of the occupation army.

The Palestinian shepherds community of Hamra is threatened by violent Israeli settlers on a daily basis. Ethnic cleansing happens constantly at the Jordan Valley and the West Bank. The shepherd’s calls heard on this show might be the very last ones to be heard there because he had to flee to the city, to protect his family and the herd.

Decades-long forced and illegal displacement. Daily lives are defined by Palestinians’ refusal to abandon their land in the face of enormous Israeli pressure. Ethnic cleansing… The abuse of Palestinian communities is beyond the comprehension of those who have not witnessed it. Daily physical or psychological violence from the Israeli settlers at outposts, under the protection of the occupation forces.

The Israeli Civil Administration systematically demolishes schools, houses, tents, animal shelters, water sources… a constant land theft… the military conducts live-fire artillery and armor training directly beside Palestinian communities.

This is part 7 of the sonic voyage of Palestinian popular resistance. Documented at some of the many locations where it has frequently manifested since the beginning of the occupation, 75 years ago. 

Hour 10 from the 22 hours program ’Sonic Voyage of Resistance’ created for Radio Art Zone. Broadcasted from Tuesday 13 September from 14:00 CEST until 12:00 noon on Wednesday 14 September. Radio Art Zone was a 100-day radio art station as part of the European Capital of Culture Esch2022. Conceived by Mobile Radio and jointly produced with Radio ARA, it broadcast in the south of Luxembourg.

for the 22 hrs. work:
IG @jordan_valley_activists
IG @meira.asher
IG @radioart106

meira asher, 2023.10.13
patrick 2023, framework:afield

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