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this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the uk by jilliene sellner, and features recordings made by heya collective on world listening day 2021. for further information see producer’s notes:

World Listening Day 2021 – Heya Collective

On 18 July 2021* members of Heya Collective simultaneously live streamed for 1 hour, from Turkey, UK, Lebanon and Egypt, the sounds of their immediate surroundings in response to the call out for World Listening Day 2021 (link: It emerged for us as time to come together apart, listening to the audible and contemplating the positioning of the callout and our experiences of the pandemic, as female field recordists, our relationship to one another and to the environment. The end result was not quiet, let alone ‘beyond the threshold of human hearing’, but an interpersonal and interspecies dialogue (often precisely because of the absence of each other and of other species’ audibility in those moments) of dispersed but connected ‘noisy’ realities.

Heya Collective is a research project and experimental ‘musicking’ project which aims to bridge women who make sound and experimental music in the UK, Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey with each other and a global audience. Live networked performances and collaborative sonic works between Nour Sokhon (Lebanon), Jilliene Sellner (Canada/UK), Yara Mekawei (Egypt) and Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (Turkey), mixing and reacting to each other’s field recordings and sonic experiments, becomes a horizontal and egalitarian method of ‘remapping’ musicological research, circumventing top down, traditional methods and conclusions.

*I incorrectly say 21st July in the recording

jilliene sellner, 2021.10

[location (artist) time]

Intro (framework:afield) 00:00 – 01:20

Intro (Jilliene Sellner) 01:20 – 04:30

Hastings, UK (Jilliene Sellner) 01:20 – 08:35

İzmir, Turkey (Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu)  07:00 – 28:25

Beirut, Lebanon (Nour Sokhon) 25:51 – 46:56

Cairo, Egypt/mix (Yara Mekawei) 44:16 – 58:20

Jilliene reflects (Jilliene Sellner) 56:01 – 58:20

Outro (framework:afeild) 58:20 – 59:00

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