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this edition of framework:afield, entitled loops, phases, repetitions, has been produced in the uk by regular contributor keith de mendonca.

producer’s notes:

Some of these recordings were made before 2020 and have been used again in this show. Other recordings were made at the start of 2020 around the world in ever decreasing circles as the Corona virus took hold and travel steadily reduced and finally ceased. Many of the recordings made in 2020 are related to the demonstrations and marches that have taken place in London this year. Some recordings have been treated as phased loops to reinforce the repetition of the words or sounds. Other recordings are of machines and circular movements.

keith de mendonca, 2020.06

[track info]

00.00 framework:afield intro
01.20 Manchester Trams
05.40 Walking in Tate Britain – from Bacon to Bacon
06.05 Rotating sign boards, London Heathrow airport
06.20 Pilgrims walking clockwise around a shrine – Lhasa, Tibet
09.10 Central London telephone exchange stairwell
08.00 Stockholm washroom automatic water taps
08.20 Back of a refrigerator
09.50 Millenium bridge, London
13.32 Clay pipe fragments rubbed together

14.20 Raindrops falling on a bronze statue
16.01 Broken roadsign blowing in the wind, PCB beach Malaysia
18.50 Tap dripping into a metal sink outside a Budhist temple, Kota Bharu, Malaysia

20.50 Evening echo newspaper seller, Cork city Ireland
22.50 Helsinki pedestrian crossing
23.30 Parliament square Brexit celebration 11pm 31 January 2020

31.10 Night ambience, Antigua
31.25 Ubud xylophone music, Bali

37.00 Walking on metal plates in a warehouse, Beijing
38.20 Printing press, Amritsar India
41.10 Weaving loom, Bangkok
41.20 Monk praying as he walks clockwise around a shrine
42.20 Morning prayers, Jhokhang temple Lhasa
46.20 Drum and cymbal Potala palace Lhasa
48.04 Walking around the David collection, Copenhagen

49.00 Various flight attendants landing instructions
51.10 No input mixing board recording Amsterdam
51.42 Extinction rebellion demonstration, British museum London
58.20 framework:afield outro

patrick 2020, framework:afield

One Comment

  1. amazing how a sound from the past can evoke memories. I’ve been in Cork 15 years ago during summer for a college break for a couple of months and hearing the echo seller triggered much of the memories. That’s what I call a unique sound tied down to a specific place. Thank you for that trip back to 2005.

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