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this edition of framework:afield, entitled earscape: freeze, has been produced in berlin, germany by architect, writer, sound artist and regular contributor d. l. lutz. producer’s notes:

It does not get any colder than this… The world has frozen over, and you are standing in the middle of this wilderness – minus forty degrees, and plenty of strange noises around. Ice produces some of the purest and most intriguing sounds, some of them do not sound natural at all.

We start and end that show with improvisations on ice instruments by a Norwegian jazzer. In-between, you hear thermal cracks on frozen lakes, calving glaciers, breaking icebergs, falling snowflakes, the howling of wind in glacier crevices, and also a couple of frost-resisting animals like seals, seabirds and whales surfacing in the Antarctic. Enjoy the journey to the coldest regions of the earth!

d. l. lutz, berlin 2020.02

[sound sources]

  • Terje Isungset: Wisdom / Morning; from: Igloo, All Ice Records, Norway 2006
  • Marc Namblard: Ermine; from: Chants Of Frozen Lakes, Kalerne, Taiwan 2008
  • Thomas Köner & Jürgen Reble: Zyklop; from: Zyklop, Mille Plateaux, Germany 2003
  • Yannick Dauby & Michael Northam: Cloud Seeding; from: Glass Cloud Ice, Kalerne, France 2005
  • Andreas Bick: Frost Pattern; from: Frost Pattern / Fire Pattern, Gruenrekorder 2010
  • Tomas Köner &Yannick Dauby: Col de Vence; from: Zyklop, Mille Plateaux, Germany 2003
  • Chris Watson: Vatnajökull; from: Weather Report, Touch Records, UK 2003
  • Burkhard Beins: Tarmac Berlin Edit; from: Airport Symphony, Room40, Australia 2007
  • Chris Watson: A Journey South, published online as Touch Radio #49, Touch, UK 2010
  • Jana Winderen: +4°C (Folgefonna Glacier To The Sea); from: Sleppet, +3dB records, Norway 2009
  • Paul Schütze: Sleep III; from: Apart, Virgin Records, UK 1995
  • Craig Vear: Katabatic Wind (Sky Blue); from: Antarctica, Gruenrekorder, Germany 2011
patrick 2020, framework:afield

3 Replies

  1. Very nice collection. Thanks!
    Nice to see Jana Winderen here.
    There was a week when we were
    staying in the same hotel in Austria
    and would find ourselves having
    Frühstück in the hotel breakfast room.
    During that same week, she gave
    some wonderful concerts and verbal
    presentations/explanations of her work.

    BTW: I have a work from many years ago,
    that uses the sounds of icebergs as sound source:

    thanks again for what you do,


    1. thanks rod! i’ll have a listen shortly. yes, i love dieter’s ‘earscape’ mixes for framework.

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