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the resonancefm 2020 fundraising auction is now over! the complete digital bundle of framework editions releases was won for the low bid of £41 – a savings of over 60%! that’s all 10 issues of framework:seasonal, plus framework500 AND framework250, featuring over 100 artists, all for only £41. sorry you missed this opportunity? well, we have a proposition for you: as a show of support for resonancefm, we’ve decided to match the winning auction bid, and offer 3 more sets of our complete digital bundle for the same price as the winning bid, with all proceeds going directly to resonancefm. the first 3 takers will receive all the pertinent download codes for our bandcamp page. get in touch with us QUICK if you want one!

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in germany by architect, writer, sound artist and regular contributor d.l. lutz, and is entitled earscape: storm. producer’s notes:

This is heavy weather! You better wear your best outdoor gear – warm and windproof… All these recordings are about storms – and to capture the energy of air proves to be a difficult task, but there are great recordings, some of which I want to present to you. So I invite you to listen to window joints under air pressure, to staircases, creaking trees in forests, creaking sailing ships, to the howling songs in building scaffoldings, to flagpoles, lonely animals on unprotected meadows, slamming doors and the rude open sea… And I invite you to get lost in bad weather, while you comfortably sit in your armchair with a pot of hot tea.

d. l. lutz, 2019.02, berlin

[sound sources]

– Nathasha Barrett: Migration / Open Ocean; from: Trade Winds, Aurora 2007

– Klaus Lutz: Wangerooge Hafen / Kirche, Am Turm; self-released, 2013

– D. L. Lutz: excerpts from Rüterberg recordings; self-released, 2014

– Chris Watson: Sleppet; from: Sleppet, +3dB records, Norway 2009

– BJ Nilsen & Chris Watson: No Man’s Land / SIGWX / Austrvegr; from: Storm, Touch Tone 27, UK 2006

– D. L. Lutz: Trarbach Forest; self-released, 2012

– Chris Watson: Cima Verde / Aguane; from: Cima Verde, Fondazione Edmund Mach / LOL Prod., Italy 2008

– Jana Winderen: Utvaer, released through Touch Radio 28, UK 2008

– Chris Watson: The Lapaich; from: Weather Report, Touch, UK 2003

– Jana Winderen: +4°C; from: Sleppet, +3dB records, Norway 2009

– D. L. Lutz excerpts from Dömitz / Wehningen recordings; self-released, 2014

patrick 2020, framework:afield

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