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this edition of framework:afield has been produced anonymously and features sounds from the ongoing democracy protests in hong kong. for more information about these protests see production notes:

A compilation of recordings taken during the ongoing protests in Hong Kong. These protests began in March 2019, originally catalysed by the proposed introduction of an extradition bill between Hong Kong and Mainland China, which was felt to threaten local judicial independence. The initial demand to withdraw this bill has since then been supplemented by four additional demands, including an independent investigation into the police who have come in for heavy criticism for their tactics. This recording places a focus on voices, the shouts and slogans that populate the sonic environment of the protests, as well as the words of the protestors themselves as they express their hopes and frustrations with the situation in Hong Kong. A group decision was made not to name any participants, to protect their identities.

[time / artist / notes]

01:20 – 02:07 / [anonymous] / Birds

02:07 – 18:27 / [anonymous] / Metal

18:35 – 19:51 / [anonymous] / Graffiti
[spraying anti-police graffiti in a pedestrian walkway]

19:42 – 20:51 / [anonymous] / Choir
Choir singing on the bridge above Harcourt Road [many different people are involved in the protests, including religious groups].

20:48 – 24:15 / [anonymous] / Laser Party
The day after the arrest of a Hong Kong Baptist University student purchasing laser pointers [declared to be “offensive weapons” by the police] protesters organise a laser party outside the Hong Kong Planetarium building.

24:14 – 29:48 / [anonymous] / HK International Airport
Sit-in protest in the arrivals hall of Hong Kong airport, with chants in Cantonese, English and Putonghua. Applause happens when arriving passengers show support.

29:46 – 36:08 / RC Team / [This anonymous artist collective installed telephones booths with audio recorders at HK Airport and other protest sites, for protestors to leave messages. Transcript and translations below:]
1: “HongKongers Keep Fighting!”
2: “Hong Kong Keep Fighting!”
3: “HongKongers Keep Fighting! HongKongers you are so lovely!”
4: “HongKongers Keep Fighting!”
5: “Five Demands, Not one less!”
6: “Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times.”
7: “Hong Kong Keep Fighting!”
8: “Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times.”
9: “HongKongers Keep Fighting!”
10: “HongKongers Keep Fighting!”
11: “HongKongers Keep Fighting!”
12: “HongKongers Keep Fighting! Step down Carrie Lam. Fuck her mother’s cunt.”
13: “Thank you, youngsters. Hong Kong Keep Fighting! Hong Kong Keep Fighting!”
14: “Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times.”
15: “HongKongers Keep Fighting! Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times.”
16: “HongKongers Keep Fighting!”
17: “HongKongers Keep Fighting! United, never split up. No arrest, No bloodshed.”
18: “Hong Kong is having her troubled time. Nobody knows how it will end. Nobody knows where we will go next. As native HongKongers, what we can do is not to give up! This is our homeland! Hong Kong Keep fighting!”
19: “HongKongers add oil! By you are doing a very brilliant work! And please save Hong Kong! We are trying so hard to do more. I hope they listen and also the China government. But they are all bitches, I don’t think that they will listen. But I am so proud of all we’ve done. Because we are HongKonger. We are not from China. That’s all.”
20: “I don’t know when this movement will end. But… I hope… HongKongers keep fighting! You are not the only one. There are people who love Hong Kong as much as you. We are striving hard. So… Never give up! No matter what comes at the end, we know there is always the sun after the rain. Despite all the effort, please remember… There is always someone around you, working with you. HongKongers keep fighting!”
21: “You may feel exhausted at the moment. And are getting more and more puzzled. I want you to understand that there are lots of people in Hong Kong, by your side on the path, the path to democracy and freedom. You are not alone indeed. Some people around us want to give up and get very lost… Let’s see… let’s see why people are persisting so far. Let’s think about our original demands since the very beginning. Keep fighting HongKongers! We have to save Hong Kong by ourselves. Never give up! Despite disappointment, we will never give up our hope! Keep Fighting!”
22: “Establish an independent commission of inquiry [on the excessive arms, violence and misconduct of the police]. May God bless Hong Kong!”

36:08 – 37:15 / [anonymous] / Tuen Mun 1
Neighbours shouting at riot police.

37:14 – 37:44 / [anonymous] / Tuen Mun 2
Neighbours shouting at riot police to open the road.

37:43 – 40:11 / [anonymous] / Tuen Mun 3
Neighbours shouting at riot police. From an apartment building two neighbours put a speaker at their window and sing. A neighbour living above sticks their thumb out in support. Includes misogyny towards police and their wives (at the end).

40:08 – 40:50 / [anonymous] / Tuen Mun 4 and 5
7.21pm No police were present, 8.31pm Police beat people.

40:49 – 41:00 / [anonymous] / Tuen Mun 6
“5 Demands, Not 1 Less.”

40:57 – 41:48 / [anonymous] / Tuen Mun 7
Neighbours shouting at riot police, “Go off duty!”.

41:47 – 44:46 / [anonymous] / One block away from Mong Kok Police Station
Neighbours taunting riot police. One elderly man shouts, “Gangsters!” towards police. Other slogans too.

44:35 – 52:48 / [anonymous] / Central Station
[Police baton-charge the protestors in an MTR station]

52:50 – 56:04 / [anonymous] / Bricks
[Protestors digging up bricks from the pavement to block the roads.]

56:04 – 58:20 / [anonymous] / Rain

patrick 2020, framework:afield

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