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this edition of framework:afield has been produced with recordings made in kyushu, japan by thomas martin nutt. for more information see producer’s notes:


  • New Year’s Day Prayers before Yasaka Shrine
  • Faulty Tannoy at Bishamondo
  • Mountain Pass
  • Timber Framed House Construction
  • Enka Cassettes Heard through a Hot Stove
  • Wakamatsu Jetty #3 
  • Wakamatsu Jetty #4
  • Aeolian Koto Experiment #2
  • Venus
  • Aioichou Festival. Opening
  • Tagawa Festival. Yamakasa Assemble
  • Automated Coin Toss Game
  • Rail-side Golf Driving Range near Space World
  • 3000 Wind Chimes at Byodoji
  • Mt. Kujyu Meadow
  • Humid Afternoon Grasshoppers
patrick 2019, framework:afield

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