yannick dauby 澎葉生 , tsit lâu tsuí – 流水, discrepent 2015

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a rarity this week – remember when music came on spinning discs, either shiny or matt black? well, we got several or those this week, and when that happens, we like to get them on air as quickly as possible. we got packages from two french friends, but from opposite ends of the earth: ferns recordings has re-released a cassette work from 1986 by italian sound artist massimo toniutti on cd, and it’s great – meanwhile, yannick dauby sent us two LPs from his home in taiwan, the 2nd installment of his penghu experimental sound studio series, and the frogoroth compilation on ini.itu, featuring works by himself, dave philips, slavek kwi, and label boss sylvain van iniitu. we figured since we were already listening to two LP sides of yannick we would pick two of the other artists featured from that release – and THEN, oh woe is us, dear listener, the internet got us good anyway, and we accidentally downloaded the wrong penghu sound studio album to use in the show (we haven’t got one of those fancy vinyl-to-computer turntables), and we didn’t notice until the mix was done! we could have switched it out, but it sounded GOOD, and we thought, well, might as well leave well enough alone, and save volume 2 for another time. so that’s what we did.

these spinning discs (and their digital counterparts) were accompanied by sounds also available on spinning disc (although we haven’t got this one here in the studio) by elsa justel, from her new release on empreintes digitales (although the two works in the show are from 2012 and 2017 respectively). and we dove in to the latest batch of listener-chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps, this week from poland, germany, and the united states.

and our occasional plea for participation: there are two distinct ways every listener can get involved with framework: the simple way, which is to record a framework introduction, and the full-on way, which is to produce an edition of framework:afield, our series of guest-curated programs. well right now we need both, folks! we need intros, and we need :afield proposals! so follow these links, check out the guidelines, and contribute!


[time  /  artist  /  track  /  release  /  label]

00:00 – 03:58  /  james bailey  /  framework introduction, recorded in canada

02:00 – 09:28  /  massimo toniutti  /  camera-cava  /  cava xi.xi.86  / ferns

03:34 – 07:12  /  carlo patrao  /  williamsburg bridge path  /  new york, ny, us  /  aporee soundmaps

07:24 – 22:25  /  yannick dauby 澎葉生  /  part 2  /  tsit lâu tsuí – 流水  /  discrepent
https://kalerne.bandcamp.com/album/tsi-t-la-u-tsui, http://www.yannickdauby.net/, http://www.discrepant.net/

11:53 – 22:23  /  slavek kwi  /  tasman firedance in the brain  / frogoroth [compilation]  /  ini.itu
https://artificialmemorytrace.bandcamp.com/, http://www.iniitu.net/

18:14 – 33:10  /  elsa justel  /  cercles et surfaces  /  yegl  / empreintes digitales
https://soundcloud.com/elsa-justel, https://www.empreintesdigitales.com/

21:11 – 28:57  /  tomasz pizio  /  roadworks in the forest  /  pleśna, pl  /  aporee soundmaps

22:39 – 31:07  /  massimo toniutti  /  stanza da grano  /  cava xi.xi.86  /  ferns

30:51 – 35:14  /  thomas neumann  /  marketplace and town hall glockenspiel  /  tübingen, de  /  aporee soundmaps

32:53 – 51:50  /  yannick dauby 澎葉生  /  part 1  /  tsit lâu tsuí – 流水  /  discrepent
https://kalerne.bandcamp.com/album/tsi-t-la-u-tsui, http://www.yannickdauby.net/, http://www.discrepant.net/

34:19 – 42:37  /  sylvain van iniitu  /  fire burn and cauldron bubble /  frogoroth [compilation]  /  ini.itu
https://artificialmemorytrace.bandcamp.com/, http://www.iniitu.net/

42:01 – 50:30  /  massimo toniutti  /  2 le ghiaie  /  cava xi.xi.86  / ferns

45:18 – 57:25  /  elsa justel  /  marelle ou les instants de la vie  / yegl  /  empreintes digitales
https://soundcloud.com/elsa-justel, https://www.empreintesdigitales.com/

56:00 – 59:00  /  maciej janasik  /  among the high apartment blocks  / poznan, pl  /  aporee soundmaps

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