manja ristić, crni otok / the black isle, framework editions 2018

with this edition we begin our exploration of our latest edition of framework:seasonal issue #10: winter 2018. this is the second issue of our new format, featuring longer works from fewer artists, and this time around we’ve given around 20 minutes each to manja ristić, julie rousse, and alan courtis. we’ll listen to one of the tracks in each show over the next few regular edition slots, and this week we began with manja ristić‘s crni otok / the black isle. manja had this to say about the work:

“i am obsessed with sounding invisible creatures that live in forgotten ‘water for fire’ tanks in the middle of the forest. bowing an abandoned cardboard box. listening to underwater pollution. burying mics in the gravel. releasing the spirits of a metal fence with the simple touch of a contact mic. embracing nature. knitting with harmonics. playing as if sound were clay. listening as though my mind were the current in an ocean.”

i myself was very curious as to what the ‘water for fire’ tanks she mentioned were, and she explained that on the island of korčula, where she lives for half the year, there are water reservoirs in the forest for locals to use in case of forest fire – on an island it’s important to be able to take matters into your own hands.

along with manja’s work we heard recent digital releases by adrian shenton and peter wullen, unreleased pieces by jilliene sellner and emmanuel mieville, and our latest selection of listener-chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps.

again, we are always looking for new material, whether raw field recordings, field recording based composition, or introduction submissions. we are also now accepting proposals for full editions of our guest curated framework:afield series. send proposals or material, released or not, on any format, to the address at the bottom of this mail. if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  release  /  label] 

00:00 – 06:30  /  richie warburton  /  framework introduction, recorded in the uk

02:16 – 17:24  /  adrian shenton  /  nest etiquette  /  the house that jack built  /  phonospheric

10:30 – 16:10  /  beat oettinger  /  the escalator acts up  /  berlin, de  /  aporee soundmaps

14:11 – 27:33  /  emmanuel mieville  /  looping over santa cruz  /  –  /  –

18:25 – 28:24  /  peter wullen  /  [excerpt 1]  /  shapes  /  gipsy house recordings

21:34 – 34:54  /  jilliene sellner  /  diapason  /  –  /  –

24:35 – 28:20  /  colin frank  /  under the bridge  /  ottawa, ca  / aporee soundmaps

32:11 – 52:13  /  manja ristić  /  crni otok/the black isle  / framework:seasonal #10, autumn 2018  /  framework editions

44:01 – 54:08  /  peter wullen  /  [excerpt 2]  /  shapes  /  gipsy house recordings

50:30 – 54:59  /  benjamin trimoreau  /  cannon shooting and sliding bridge  /  copenhagen, dk  /  aporee soundmaps

51:39 – 58:19  /  adrian shenton  /  atticangels reprise  /  the house that jack built  /  phonospheric

57:06 – 59:00  /  masterpeace  /  underground crossing  /  barnaul, ru /  aporee soundmaps

patrick 2018, framework:seasonal, regular edition

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