this is the second of a multipart series produced by slavek kwi, aka artificial memory trace, entitled soundlife. this is chapter 2, CHOOLTD (THE DUALITY SONG). for more information, see http://www.artificialmemorytrace.com. notes from the producer:

CHOOLTD. HOTCOLD. This is second installment of another Soundorganism destined for Framework Radio. These Soundsketches contain (and will contain) various episodes inspired by my ordinary and extraordinary Soundenvironments, which includes also creative-process-fragments from my Soundactivities and spoken or sung thoughts. Still clumsy, but getting slowly more in balance. Normality re-installed?

Soooo, this is a reflection on the process of collaboration on multiple levels of existence: exploring the notion of “HOT” and “COLD” with Linda O’Keeffe, talented composer nowadays living in UK. Actually, I have absolutely no idea how to distinguish in sound_realm in between HOT and COLD. However, I am very happy to explore it, it seems very interesting and I might learn something new. And during the process I did come to a momentary conclusion: if the sound (including any association with it – either abstract or not) evokes in me feelings of “love” (or similar), I perceive it as “hot / warm”. The rest seems “cold”.

Linda made a piece based on my hot/cold sounds selection, including a vocal piece and I created one composition too (and re-cut-up her voice), you can hear it here in_mixed in, as it is originally a 4-channel piece, I recorded it ambient in my little studio (it includes also unfortunate crying via baby-phone of Jonah Kwi who awoke in the night, it was not easy to calm him, do not know why).

There is a pre_mix from the collaboration with Porya Hatami, friend from distant Iran. He is making these wonderful almost melodic spaces and drones, I love meandering in between those pillars and tectonic plates and resonant outer space feelings. I wish I would have more time. Maybe this is actually a good situation: to create framework to collaborate on various surfaces of real and time-dimension. INTERCONNECTEDNESS. I do have tendency to connect everything …

I am invited to portray one of the Canary Islands – there are seven of those volcanic pieces of Earth stuck in the Atlantic Ocean and seven artists – got some sounds recorded there from a collective presented to me by Antonio Chavez Fernandez. I am using here a few short sound-objects I created from those sounds. Especially endemic whistling language from La Gomera is absolutely stunning!

Ah, yes! And again (like in Chapter One): limpet&stone min_instrument, a gift from Tony Whitehead, has a short appearance here: would you find it in this phantasmagorical jungle? I think it is rather audible, but if you do not know what to look for, might be not easy.

Visiting dentist, … all those drilling in my mouth. James Kwi rocking with branches in Virginia woods sometime ago. Then recently boys sitting at the table and drawing while I am listening ambient recordings from the process of working on hot/cold-thingy. Dragon-monster attacks little James Kwi in the bathroom long time ago … memories distorted and melted … Helen Blackhurst reading text of Molly Harrison …what did I forget?

For all my friends, unfriends and not friends yet. And thanks to Patrick – again and again …

patrick 2016, framework:afield

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