this edition of framework:afield is the first of a multi-part series produced in ireland by slavek kwi, aka artificial memory trace, entitled soundlife. for more information see http://www.artificialmemorytrace.com. notes from slavek:


Since I became a father, my immediate sound environment and its perception changed rather dramatically. Also relation to the time, before perceived as basically amorphous entity – nowadays became a moment with very definite boundaries. My week is composed from Sounday (if lucky Sounday with “s” on the end) and the other Days (always with “s”). My Soundays are increasingly more and more dense. In every sense. Sometimes I am so exhausted that I am sleeping first half of my Sounday hoping the second half-day will be dedicated to Sounds, which means: exclusively to my Sounds and in association with cherished collaborations with my fellow Soundpeople.

I decided to experiment with Soundorganisms destined for Frameworkradio. These – at the moment rather clumsy – Soundsketches contains (and will contain) various episodes inspired by my ordinary and extraordinary Soundenvironments, which includes also creative-process-fragments from my Soundactivities and spoken thoughts.

The first one is here Now, more to follow.

You can hear various domestic Soundsituations recorded with my little boys, James Kwi and Jonah Kwi. Ringing of ever-annoying and ever-ignored phone. Extracts from texts and thoughts written by Molly Harrison and read either by myself or Helen Blackhurst. Not-so-quiet limpet-shell and mini-stone micro-improvisation, object given to me kindly by Tony Whitehead as part of our slow dialogue. Recently we finished long-ago-started collaboration based on exchange of physical Soundobject (btw the same one as in collaboration with Darius Ciuta: Airbell) with Australian sound-alchemist Eamon Sprod alias Tarab, I listened and recorded the outcome while driving by car to Dublin – while howling sirens passing around. Recently I generated a piece based on Sounds of Swallows for lovely project “loudl-oudl-ow” of Charlotte Hoechsmann, coming soon. There is also an extract from my Soundworkshop with children on Autistic Spectrum (Outreach of The National Concert Hall in Dublin); young boy Ryan is playing on giant xylometalophon, while I am squeaking on rusty coffee grinder. And, I was thinking a lot of about Frederic Nogray, while making this piece … and also about Espaces Sonores, but from entirely different reasons … and other stuff …

Thank you, Patrick McGinley, for accommodating my Soundaytoday.
For all my friends, unfriends and not friends yet.

patrick 2016, framework:afield

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