we’re back, folks! our first edition back after our summer break is a framework:afield produced in the u.s. by chris lynn (http://framingsounds.wordpress.com), which is airing in conjunction with the great sonic circuits festival, at which we had the great pleasure of performing once many years ago. some notes from the producer:

Tonight’s Framework show features sound artists and field recordings from the Maryland/Washington D.C. area. This show coincides with the Sonic Circuits festival which begins on September 18th, 2015.

Sonic Circuits is a Washington, DC area promoter for experimental music. Sonic Circuits seeks to expose audiences to cutting edge contemporary music that defies genres, and offer artists new platforms to present their music and opportunities to network and collaborate with artists from around the world.

In addition to organizing an annual festival since 2001, Sonic Circuits programs performances year round. Sonic Circuits is a community outreach program by Pyramid Atlantic, a 501(c)(3) non-profit contemporary arts center.


[time  /  track  /  location  /  artist]

0:00-4:14 Street Scene (Washington D.C.) by Gary Rouzer
4:14-6:40 Green Line Metro (Ft. Totten to Takoma Park, MD) by Phong Tran
6:41-12:14 Street Scene (Washington D.C.) by Gary Rouzer
12:15-15:42 Eastmans (Chevy Chase, Washington D.C.) Jeff Surak
15:43-20:06 Sandy Point, close to the Chesapeake Bay (MD) Chris H Lynn
20:07-25:30 In the studio (Washington D.C.) Mei Mei Chang
25:31-28:34 Mckeldin Library mixed with Bay Siren (MD) Chris H Lynn
28:35-30:40 Red Line Metro (Takoma Park, MD) Phong Tran
30:41-32:00 Sandy Point, sounds of the Chesapeake Bay (MD) Chris H Lynn
32:01-37:10 Timed Telescope (Silver Spring, MD) Daniel Barbiero
37:11-40:00 Sudden shower on the Crescent Trail (Silver Spring, MD) Chris H Lynn
40:01-44:35 Fields (Ruxon and Roland Park, MD)  Khristian Weeks
44:36-50:22 Secluded and Silent-Early Morning Recording, Montgomery College (Rockville, MD) Chris H Lynn
50:23-55:00 Annotations-(Silver Spring, MD) Chris H Lynn

patrick 2015, framework:afield

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