greetings from the 2nd leg of our summer journeys – we’ve left london now and are sitting in bergen airport on our way to kristiansand, norway. meanwhile, this week’s show is coming to us from macedonia, where toni dimitrov has mixed a 2nd show for us, featuring some of his favorite recent works, some of his own works, and some works by his label, post global. for more information see http://www.post-global.com. and if you’re around in kristiansand, give us a shout!

[artist  /  track  /  album  /  label]

agf  /  wood walk  /  va: through the hills  /  post global recordings
luis antero  /  paper mill#1  /  paper mill  /  post global recordings
luís antero  /  travanca de lagos, uma paisagem sonora  /  travanca de lagos  /  [self released]
atilio doreste  /  cráter  /  radio chaos and nature  /  post global recordings
atilio doreste  /  saline di marsala  /  -  /  sono space
atilio doreste  /  refuge i  /  shifting boundaries  /  audiotalaia
atilio doreste  /  respiro  /  solsticio  /  barrilete cosmico
timothy kahn  /  timothy lake, oregon (us)  /  idcd 2015  / fieldrecording.de/idcd
francisco lopez  /  yanayacu 3  /  yanayacu  /  nowhere worldwide
jan ryhalsky  /  the old derrick  /  iron skeletons  /  lom
snufmumriko  /  tellurian  /  tellurian  /  post global recordings
sound_00  /  fear of music 1  /  fear of music  /  charlotte sometimes
sound_00  /  bistra 1  /  bistra ep  /  attenuation circuit
toni dimitrov  /  st. spyridon church, corfu town  /  orthodoxy  / green field recordings

patrick 2015, framework:afield

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