this edition of framework:afield has been produced by regular contributor keith de mendonca. for more information see his soundcloud page at http://www.soundcloud.com/keith-de-mendonca. notes from the producer:

Although this show mainly relies on field recordings from my travels I also have added a dimension of radio recordings, and manglings of Indian radio by Nicholas Collin’s “devil’s music” software. So overall this is a much denser and more nonlinear mix than my previous ‘ethnographic’ show which tended to move from country to country.

[sounds – add 1.20 for soundfile timecode]

0.00 Mosque – Corivertton Guyana
1.30 Creaking bamboo – Essequibo river
2.00 Morning songs – Amritsar India
4.00 Bees on Baganara  island Guyana
6.00 Bats and sweeping – Ellora cave Maharastra India
7.00 Musical stone columns – Ellora cave Maharastra India
8.30 Ravens nesting Goa India
11.00 Radio lecture on Law – Bangalore India
11.40 Singing fish of Batticaloa Sri Lanka
12.40 Food hawkers on a train Sri Lanka
16.00 Angry child passenger Sri Lanka
16.45 Train contact mic recording Sri Lanka
17.15 Tate Britain exhibition, England
17.50 Whistling Tate boat contact microphone recording, England
18.50 Birdsong Ryojidan temple Japan
19.00 Indoor Escalator Tokyo Japan
21.00 Amplified recording of Buddhist chanting over sea surf, Sri Lanka
22.00 Whispering gallery St Pauls London England
22.50 Crickets Sri Lanka
25.00 Gurgling water on a reef Sri Lanka
26.00 Clock chimes Stockholm Sweden
26.30 Ganden monastery debate Tibet
26.40 Hooter at Kataragama festival Sri Lanka
28.40 Ice cream van Sri Lanka
29.20 A heating water geiser Barcelona Spain
30.00 Street market in Xian China
30.40 Shops outside 798 art district Beijing
33.00 Drum Tower Beijing China
34.00 Birdsong Dominican Republic
35.00 Houhai lakeside vendor
35.00 Echoing voices in Ritan park Beijing China
35.40 Tossing stones on Brighon beach England
37.00 Indian radio broadcasts mangled with “Devil’s Music” open source software by Nicolas Collins
38.30 Summer crickets 798 Beijing
42.00 Traditional music performance Yunnan China
43.00 Afternoon puja at a Hindu temple Trincomalee Sri Lanka
44.00 Chinese opera performed outside Guandi temple Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
49.00 Staten island ferry announcement New York USA
50.00 Predicting the future – temple shaking sticks Singapore
51.00 Yunnan traditional music performance China
52.40 Car journey with Hindi pop music in Jodhpur India
53.20 Tate Modern ejection London England
54.50 Whispering gallery St Pauls London England

patrick 2015, framework:afield

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