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well folks, this is our last show before our annual summer break – we’re taking the month of august (and a bit of september) to recharge our batteries and refresh our ears. the next new edition, #479, will premier on sunday, september 14th. we’re already setting some new arrivals aside for it that we’re very excited about. also, around 1000 releases that have been in storage for many years have just finally made it to framework‘s estonian HQ, and going through them, we see there are many older gems that have never made it to the framework airwaves, so we are planning to introduce a new segment in the fall for older works. if you can’t wait until september for more framework, we’re pretty sure you haven’t worked your way through everything in the archives yet, so you can spend the month ear-digging!

this edition, entitled liquid, has been produced in berlin, germany by regular contributor, architect, writer, and sound artist d.l. lutz. notes from the producer:

2006, I did a bike tour along the Baltic sea coast of Germany and rediscovered my maritime past – I grew up very close to the North sea, accustomed to heavy rain, storm tides, constant wind and a never-ending fascination to look out on endless bodies of water.

This earscape is a condensed version of a 3-hour listening piece that I developed after that holiday, displaying various facets of the element of water and containing a lot of personal acoustical favorites. The mix also includes various musical tracks that I find very much “waterlike”.

The first part deals with the organic white noise of water (starting with an old English fog horn, followed p.ex. by an abstraction by Montgomery who illustrates the hydraulics of a submarine-like boiler room and ending with a large ferry entering the harbour of Bergen), the second part examines how the experience of time is influenced by the phenomenon of water (including a great St. Kilda seabird field recording by Wyse & Haynes, a key Gamelan composition by Paul Schütze and p.ex. a recording of a vaporetto night depot in Venice), and the third part is based on the idea of sinking from the water’s surface to the ground (utilising various electronic pieces by Barrett, Schütze and Redolfi after an introduction of a land rain I recorded myself, and ending with a rare Köner track that sounds to me as if an old sunken ship is breaking apart from deep sea pressure).

[sound sources]

01’-04’  Evelyn Glennie: Seaside; from: “Touch The Sound” OST, Normal Records, 2004

06’-12’ Biosphere: Fluvialmorphologie; installation within an art project by Artcircolo and Gelsenwasser, Gelsenkirchen / Germany, 2002

10’-14’30  Will Montgomery: Submarine; Touchradio Episode 36, 2008,

14’-15’  Milo: Finmarkken II;

15’-21’  Brian Eno: The Lost Day; from: Ambient #4 On Land, Virgin Records 2004

13’-21’  Pascal Wyse & Tom Haynes: A Rock And A Hard Place; Touchradio Episode 47, 2010,

20’-26’ D. L. Lutz: Sassnitzhafen I; self-published

05’-06’ / 39’-46’ / 46’-47’ / Natasha Barrett: Mobilis In Mobili / Deep Layer; from: Trade Winds, Aurora 2007

24’-30’  Paul Schütze: The Rapture Of Ornaments; from: New Maps Of Hell, Big Cat Records 1996

23’-34’  Enrico Coniglio: Sapientumsuperacquis; Touchradio Episode 30, 2008,

34’-37’  Toshinoro Kondo: Clear Water; from WMFU archives (link deleted), date unknown

32’-36’  D. L. Lutz: Gottsbüren III; self-published

36’-38’  Connum: Dripstone Cave;

36’30-39’30  Biosphere: Moistened & Dried; from: Cirque, Touch Records, 2000

38’30-46’  Paul Schütze w/ Clive Bell, Simon Hopkins, Thomas Köner: Partial Site; downloaded from

39’-40’  Roscoetoon: Water Drip Echo II;

43’-56’  Michel Redolfi: A Sunny Afternoon At Bird Rock Beach; from: Sonic Waters #2, Hat Hut Records 1990

51’30-56’30  Thomas Köner: Subnival; from: em:t 2000, Instinct Records, 1995

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