this edition of framework:afield has been produced by the students of john levack drever‘s phonography course at goldsmith’s college, university of london. producers’ notes:

This show is a collection of excerpts of works by students in the Music Department at Goldsmiths, University of London. The pieces were created as part of the ‘Phonography’ course now in its 8th year, led by John Levack Drever. The course offers lectures, discussions and workshops on found sound and acoustic ecology. Each piece demonstrates an individual’s foray into issues found within field recording and soundscape composition.

Samuel Owen – Movements Through Birmingham – 1:20 – 8:07
Conceptually ‘Movements through Birmingham’ is a piece that presents an acoustic ecology study of the city of Birmingham and a select few of its residents. The piece is a representational artwork that presents the participants humanist relation to their urban environment and space through the medium of acoustics. 7 Movements through Birmingham enables the idea of self to be explored by analysing our connection to environments and fond spaces.

Lugh O’Neill – The Workshop – 8:08 – 17:42
The workshop is significant in terms of my personal relationship with it. The potter, being my mother, and the workshop, having always been a part of my home, are subjects which deal with my roots. The potter and the workshop have a totally different significance for most people who come into contact with it; people who purchase pots crafted there, visitors interested in the production process, ceramists, potters interested in the craft and interns. By creating this piece, I add a group to this list; I present the workshop as a sonic space, and I create an audience of listeners. Making recordings, applying thought to my relationship to the workshop, creating the piece, and considering my role as a student and composer in a place so familiar to me is a substantial self exploration, and a chance to assess my relationship with home, how it has changed over time, and what happens to my relationship with home when i make it the subject of composition. It is also an exercise which forces me to assess my role in composition; how much of my personal relationship to the subject should be understood and transmitted in the piece.

Yasmin Jess – Tourist Fixation  – 17:43 – 27:12
My ‘Tourist Fixation’ summarizes years of recordings and videos. In a sense it is a nomadic sound map of my travels of the recent past, showing identities of places, how I got them to know and to capture the ambience and atmospheres of the roads less traveled. The objectives of this piece were to capture and present a variety of soundscapes and acoustic spaces of a large selection of locations across Europe. What originally inspired this idea was John Urry’s writings and theories in The Tourist Gaze and his research of the urban and regional

Gus Lobban – Et Vous, L’Orchestre! – 27:13 – 36:47
Et Vous, L’Orchestre! is comprised of Zoom H2 recordings made during Soirée Pompette, a French- themed variety show, at Exmouth Market on 18th December 2013. These recordings were edited to highlight the crowd’s response, shifting the focus of the performance document from artist to audience. The result reveals their complex social dramaturgy and brings out the naturally pleasing effect of laughter sourced from genuine responses to humour.

William Hughes – FR 1 – 36:48 – 46:32
In late August upon looking through old boxes of family memorabilia we had found 2 audiocassette tapes, the first dating to around 1984. The second tape was a Playskool branded tape that I recall coming from a toy tape recorder I owned as a 2-3 year old dating from 1992/3. These tapes were forgotten. Tape 1 had recordings of my sister aged 5 reading poetry, singing hymns and talking to my mother and father. Tape 2 had various recordings of myself at 2-3 years old, recordings of my brother as a teen, his friends, my father and my mother. Through the discovery of these tapes I decided to record up to date recordings of my family including new additions of my siblings children. All of these clips are juxtaposed against field recordings taken from both locations to where they were originally recorded. So the found tape archives are coupled with recordings taken in Finsbury Park, North London. The others are coupled with field recordings from St Neots, Camrbridgeshire. The piece is composed chronologically with the original recordings first moving with the location based material and developing as the piece goes on. The original piece is much longer. Edited for this show.. keep an eye on:http://willhughes.bandcamp.com/ as the full composition will be uploaded soon!

Yeonhee Jeong – Speaking in Tounges – 46:33 – 56:20
Yeonhee invites us to listen-in on her London-based Korean Christian fellowship group speaking in tongues.

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