this edition of framework:afield has been produced by grant smith and is entitled bird on a beam. for more information see

bird on a beam samples 10 years of bird recordings which can best be described as bad:

lacking the means and desire to clearly define and capture the subject, the would-be wildlife recordist commits every faux pas in the book.

at the same time another project emerges: a more oblique attention: to the self-noise of the recording process; but more widely of the whole field .. a decision to be always ‘in the field’ [ie not eg ‘in the studio’] here involves exposure to messy and unpredictable domestic soundscapes, whether at home or camping somewhere .. along with the constant interferences of natural | industrial, rural | urban, human | non-human..

interferences mirrored and amplified by translations and retranslations back and forth between media, plus simple manipulations, especially of speed, part of the ubiquitous messing around with the raw materials of our day to day digital captures

it’s hard to say what we’re hearing: some dubious ornithology or art history; some kind of subjectivity evoked where channels are disrupted or interfere; some account of the hard and softwares that support it – its distinctive impedimenta now – somewhat as the ‘voice’ produced by the avian syrinx; somebody’s audio diaries? some sounds as openings on new collectives ..

many thanks to grant for putting this show together for framework. also, don’t forget that the new edition of our framework:seaonal fundraising cd series has now been released! we’ll get back to sampling tracks from it in next week’s regular edition. in the meantime, please show your support for framework by going to the website, donating, and ordering your copy today!

patrick 2012, framework:afield

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