this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the uk by martin clarke. for more information see martin says:

This is a version of the set I did at Soundfjord for World Listening Day 2011. As usual, there’s not much cross-fading just abrupt edits and some layering for transitions. The set is book-ended by two recent pieces of mine, based on field recordings, which make use of similar techniques.

(time   /  track)

00:00  /  States of Play.
What I like about listening to records is you can jump around. With thanks to Robert Curgenven for blank dubplates and Bill Thompson for his electric guitar.

08:47  /  Call to prayer, Beirut.
Recorded on the Corniche Beirut with the sea on the left, the road on the right.

11:24  /  Dog, frogs, voices, Wszerzecz.
This sounds like it’s been subtly composed of disparate elements but was actually just a mixture of timing and luck. Released on the framework250 CD as Three.

18:23  /  Birdsong, Sandwick.
On an unusually still summer’s day in Shetland.

20:00  /  Le Mans, 3am.
Recording some wildtracks for a promo film and one of the mechanics grabs the reporter mic from my bag…

24:16  /  Train station, Kiev.
Trying to get tickets to Odessa for new year’s eve.

25:58  /  Singer warming up, Stockholm.

28:46  /  Gate in the wind, Sandwick.
This is possibly getting a bit long in the tooth but I like it.

31:49  /  Garden party, Garikula.
People, wine, singing, animals.

36:28  /  Musical escalator, Kiev.

38:42  /  Storm, London.

47:44  /  Tourist.

patrick 2012, framework:afield

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