first off, if you remember the troubles we were having with the frameworkradio domain last week, i can now happily announce that everything is now resolved, all emails are getting through to the proper addresses, and all websites are where they should be.  sorry for the confusion over those 10 days or so – again, if you tried to get in touch with me at a frameworkradio address from around the 18th of januray until now, it’s possible i didn’t receive your mail.  this shouldn’t happen again; my dns hosting is now in a much more reliable and stable place and should that should remain that way for the foreseeable future.

this week’s edition of framework:afield was produced in boston, massachusetts, usa, by michael bullock.  for more information visit his website at  mike says:


This program is a suite of accidental or overheard performances: Street musicians warming up in Amsterdam.  Mighty pipe organs being tuned or practiced.  The effervescence of street fairs celebrating two kinds of New Years: January 1 in Salzburg, and Diwali in Queens, NY.  These events and others are framed by operational misfires: user errors on the part of the recordist, hitting record and pause at the wrong times.  And in the center, a shadowy journey through an altered radio landscape in rural New York.

Part 1 (1″-17″): Churches
Nantes – Cathédrale Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul; Paris – Église Sainte-Sulpice
What cathedrals sound like between masses: choirs heard through the door, organs being practiced or tuned.
A few coins are dropped in a metal box.

Part 2 (17″-25″): Markets
Amsterdam – Rembrandtsplein and environs
Street musicians prepare to have a few coins dropped in their instrument cases.

Paris – flea market at Place Monge
User error.  Trumpeters play along with a CD regardless.

intermission (25″-42″): New York
Accra, NY – Evidence performance at Wave Farm
The source material are micro-transmissions of original music by Evidence, picked up on two radios carried around WaveFarm’s fields at night.  The act of tuning mixes multiple micro-transmissions.  Other sounds come from cicadas, whispers, and the sound of the recorder’s mics rubbing against the inside of a jacket pocket.

Manhattan – Max Neuhaus’ Times Square installation
User error.  The street hums on regardless.

Part 3 (42″-55″): New Years
Queens, NY – Diwali street festival

Salzburg – New Year’s Eve
The city of Mozart is overwhelmed by live rock bands on New Year’s Eve, 2005-2006.  We escape to the castle overlooking the city and listen to techno and church bells float up to us from below.  The night winds down to a lone guitarist and the sounds of oversized chess pieces in a public square.

Thanks to Evidence (Scott Smallwood and Stephan Moore) and free103point9’s Wave Farm in Accra, NY].   Also thanks to Linda Aubry Bullock who helped me record several of the clips.

patrick 2010, framework:afield

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