an announcement to make this week, as we’re having some temporary problems with the domain.  we’re in dns hosting limbo at the moment, so until we get it sorted no requests for (website or email) will go through.  the website, however, is still online, and can be found fully operational here:

meanwhile, if you sent anything to any … email address on or after the 18th of january, it is likely we didn’t receive it.  please reply to the address sending this mail, and it should arrive with no problems.

hopefully this will all be sorted out before the next playlist.  i will confirm then that it has been, but in the meantime please use the addresses above…

so!  on to more interesting things: another dive into our bottomless backlog of submissions this week, featuring heavily manipulated field recordings from gintas k‘s hometown of marijampole, industrial (in the literal sense) sounds from the solo project of spain’s pilar baizan, baseline, and spacious compositions by celer and brendan murray with richard garet on the ever-beautifully packaged, brooklyn-based label unframed.  all this began with a framework introduction recorded for us in new zealand by grant finlay (and children). and don’t forget, even with our website problems, you can still go to to become a framework supporter, donate, and receive a copy of one of the framework250 celebratory compilations.  feedback is starting to come in, and it is good!  full tracklists and track info available online.  we’ve all heard this kind of thing before, but if each of you were willing to become a subscriber for just  €1 per month, it would make a big difference…

00:00 – 01:45  /  grant finlay  /  framework introduction,

02:01 – 04:42  /  gintas k  /  Q  /  lovely banalities  /  cronica,

02:11 – 26:06  /  celer  / [extract 1] /  breeze of roses  /  dragon’s eye recordings,

05:10 – 12:57  /  baseline  /  escuchando  /  estado liquido  /  rmo

12:04 – 13:32  /  gintas k  /  when i was able to laugh 2 /  lovely banalities  /  cronica,<

13:00 – 15:45  /  gintas k  / just 2 /  lovely banalities  /  cronica,

17:38 – 44:40  /  brendan murray & richard garet  /  in parallel  /  of distance  /  unframed,,

25:58 – 28:35  /  ginatas k  /  lovely banalities /  lovely banalities  /  cronica,

26:57 – 42:16  /  baseline  /  publico /  estado liquido  /  rmo

34:30 – 37:23  /  gintas k  /  HH3 /  lovely banalities  /  cronica,

43:26 – 55:40  /  richard garet & brendan murray  /  the tyranny of the objects /  in parallel  /  of distance  /  unframed,,

54:12 – 57:00  /  gintas k  /  27 /  lovely banalities  /  cronica,

patrick 2010, regular edition

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