so – we made it!  this is framework‘s 250th edition! what more need be said?  in this edition we took a look back at our very first broadcast, including some (rather embarrassing) introductions to the theme of the show by me and my original cohost joel stern, and a rebroadcast of our first every live on-air performance, performed over the phone by romuald wadych.

the rest of this edition, after the first ever framework introduction by yours truly, was made up of exclusive new tracks, sent to us by regular framework contributors, in celebration of our landmark.  as i’ve now explained several times, but will once again refuse to shut up about: there are many more of these tracks to come; we’ll be airing them all over the next several shows, and once they’ve all aired, we’ll be releasing them (or as many of them as will fit on 2 cds) as a framework250 celebratory double cd compilation, in handmade, silk-screened, origami packaging.  the compilation will only be available directly through framework, and will be sent as a thank-you to anyone who donates €25 or more through the framework website.  so help us celebrate this landmark, visit, donate, and reserve yourself a copy of the comp (shipping in december)!

lastly, you’ll note below that yet again, framework has a new address.  i am currently amidst travels in the northeastern united states (see my personal website,, for details on my gigs and activities) , but upon returning to europe i will at long last be relocating permanently to estonia.  if you’ve recently sent something to my french address, fear not, it will make it into my hands, but from this point on the new estonian address below will be the one to use.  so, go on, send me stuff!

00:00 – 02:50  /  patrick mcginley  /  framework introduction

01:58 – 11:59  /  jeph jerman  /  insects in bamboo  /  framework250  /  framework editions

06:43 – 17:35  /  ben owen  /  walking, etc  /  framework250  /  framework editions

09:48 – 14:05  /  joel stern & patrick mcginley  /  framework’s 1st moments  /  -  /  –,

11:22 – 20:35  /  jonathan coleclough  /  chamber perruel  /  framework250  /  framework editions

17:42 – 24:45  /  hitoshi kojo  /  perruel  /  framework250  /  framework editions

24:22 – 28:37  /  simon whetham  /  eestitreecreak  /  framework250  /  framework editions

25:32 – 35:32  /  jez riley french  /  instamatic #5 – building 14  /  framework250  /  framework editions

34:34 – 49:52  /  romuald wadych  /  live on framework, 14.06.02  /  -  /  –

49:51 – 57:00  /  cedric peyronnet  /  kdi dctb 146 [i]  /  framework250  /  framework edtions

patrick 2009, framework250, regular edition

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