so – the clock is ticking!  next week is framework250, the 250th, yes, 250th edition of framework!  we began in june, 2002, and we’re still going strong.  we have a big celebration planned, and next week we’ll begin airing a collection of exclusive tracks created specifically for this landmark by a huge collection of artists who have been important to us over the years.  you’ll find out who they are as we go along, but suffice it to say there will be many familiar names amongst them.  we’ll be publishing the tracks as a celebratory 2nd compilation before the end of the year, which can be yours as a thank-you gift when you donate €25 or more via the framework website.  so go, and donate! your name will go at the top of the list to receive a copy as soon as they’re ready.

meanwhile, i am now on the verge of a 6 week journey to the united states, where i’ll be giving performances, workshops, and lectures up and down the east coast, alone and with the likes of jim haynes and brendan murray.  all the events are detailed on my website; if you’d like to see where i’ll be, visit and click on events.

so now on to the show:

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in barcelona by ariadna alsina and the participants of the sound and space workshop.  a few words from ariadna:

Field recordings, sound activations, personal impressions, collective reflexion…
This podcast was realized by the participants of the Sound and Space workshop, given by Paulo Raposo and Patrick McGinley in November 2008 in Barcelona, Spain. The workshop was organized by L’Ull Cec with the collaboration of Sons de Barcelona and it was held in Hangar.
This podcast has been produced at Phonos Studios at University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona.

patrick 2009, framework:afield

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