a more relaxed edition this week, with fewer and longer pieces.  we finally got around to listening to dallas simpson‘s environmental improvisation with flowerpots, as well as to leny puksar‘s scratchy snow recordings.  we also heard a few of dan warburton‘s soundwalks, and a few extracts from paul bradley‘s 2nd collaborative project with cria cuervos.  but also – some news!

this week framework has widened it’s frame – it has been our hope and desire for awhile now to hear framework broadcast on more radio stations around the world, and this week that project begins.  while podcasting and streaming on demand are great (i know many of you listen that way) there’s nothing like good old broadcast scheduling, and this week we begin our partnership withradio zero in lisbon, a long-time friend of resonancefm, and co-founding member of the radia network (http://radia.fm).  while framework will always keep resonancefm as it’s homebase (and each edition will always broadcast first on resonance), we will now be broadcasting as well each thursday night at 7pm local time on radio zero in lisbon.  so this show, for the week or october 19th, will broadcast on radio zero on thursday , october 23rd.  our plan is to offer framework to many more independant radio stations as well, so stay tuned for an fm broadcast in your hometown!

radio zero is based in lisbon, portugal, and broadcasts on the internet from http://www.radiozero.pt.  if you’re a new listener listening on radio zero, please drop us a note and say hello!

(time  /  artist  /  track  /  album  /  label)

00:00 – 04:50  /  adam wimbush  /  framework introduction
[no web info]

02:41 – 22:38  /  paul bradley & cria cuervos  /  [excerpt 1]  /  moraines II  /  small voices
http://www.twentyhertz.co.uk, http://www.myspace.com/sileat

06:53 – 16:03  /  leny puksar  /  snow on reeds, dry leaves, birds [ excerpt 1]  /  snow country  /  –

15:23 – 37:14  /  dallas simpson  /  [tracks 1-15]  /  trancending resonances (planters)  /  –

26:54 – 40:47  /  dan warburton  /  a walk through l (lytham, lancs, 2003)  /  -  /  –

30:49 – 38:19  /  leny puksar  /  snow on reeds, dry leaves, birds [ excerpt 2]  /  snow country  /  –

34:28 – 54:02  /  paul bradley & cria cuervos  /  [excerpt 2]  /  moraines II  /  small voices
http://www.twentyhertz.co.uk, http://www.myspace.com/sileat

39:21 – 50:40  /  leny puksar  /  melting snow on stones  /  snow country  /  –

43:16 – 57:00  /  dan warburton  /  a walk through r (st remeze, ardeches, 2004)  /  -  /  –

patrick 2008, regular edition

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