this edition of framework:afield was produced in toronto, canada by michael trommer.  for more information see  michael says:

i’ve basically contact mic’d the upstairs bedrooms and various parts of the house, including various appliances (ones that run day-round) and windows/backyard (for outdoor sounds). the idea was to do a live, real-time mix, processing the sounds of the sleeping family/house, and gradually lifting off…slowly separating to outdoor sounds, then to local radio sounds, longwave…mediumwave…shortwave….then finally to a live radiotelescope feed.

the idea is this gradual takeoff from a sleeping bed to deepspace…something that, when i was a kid, i sometimes used to think actually happened (i thought that my bedroom would kind of separate from the rest of the house and blast off into the cosmos when i fell asleep)(I don’t think this anymore, btw)…a recent re-discovery of some of harris burdick’s drawings made me want to do this…’

patrick 2007, framework:afield

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