this edition of framework:afield was produced in budapest, hungary by henrik hargetai.  henrik says:

This is a voyage through three ancient civilizations: first we go the most ancient one, the heart of Egypt. We visit Cairo and then leave for Luxor, over the bands of the Nile. From Egypt we go to another Islamic country, another former empire, Turkey. We first visit the calm city of Eskisehir, in the middle of Anatolia, and then we go to Istanbul, the city of Mosques. From here only a jump is Greece, the center of another religion. We climb to the Acropolis to listen to the sounds of Athens at 6PM, when bells  can be heard instead of the muezzin of the Islamic world. We are now back to our familiar Europe.

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(numbers indicate approximate time in minutes)

2:- Departure from Budapest by MALEV aircraft to Cairo
3:- Egyptian people welcoming us (me and my wife)
4:- Visiting Giza Pyramids by bus
5: – Busy town: Cairo soundscape, pedestrian street to city highway at evening muezzin pray time
7: – leaving to Luxor by train (Loudspeaker in Luxor train station)
8: – Loudspeaker in Luxor (Advertisement?)
9: – Luxor, evening: music from tape as heard on the street
11: – Luxor,live music festivity on the street
13: – Afternoon: calm street with muezzin
20: – Leaving Luxor by hitch-hiking
22: Next stop: Turkey, Eskisehir. American military plains over the city outskirts, afternoon, with muezzin from afar.
28: Istanbul. Muezzin. My commentary: 2005. dec. 18, 16:50.
31: The legendary mosque Sultanahmet.
40: Soundscape over Istanbul, at 18 o’clock muezzin pray time.
48: Next stop: Athens. Street with restaurant music and the rattling sound of boys selling magnetic games.
55: The Acropolis. The only place where the local guarders did not allow me recording. The final moments are the sounds of bells over Athens, at 6 PM.

patrick 2007, framework:afield

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