our latest regular edition, featuring more works from the nekton falls compilations, and recent sounds from lawrence english, mystified, and joseph young.  we also heard the first of several long tracks we’ll be listening to by the project social interiors, whose work some of you may remember from the australian extreme label from the 80’s/90’s.  this first release in several years (now on endgame records) features one solo track from each member of the collective, and a collaborative work, and instead of trying to feature a few short extracts, we thought, heck, we’ll play them all, by spreading them out over several shows.  ie, it’s good.  meanwhile, as promised, we gave a second chance for interested parties to participate on our listener participation segment, featuring the work of sebastiane hegarty.  once again, the details:

sometime last year i received an unsolicited heavy-pressed single-sided 7″ vinyl record in the post.  no package, letter, sleeve, nothing – just a record with a stamp and my address on it, and a small sticker in the center with a request.  the request was that i play the record back in my home, record it ambiently, and return both record and recording to a specified address.  months later, i finally got around to doing this, and in the process thought, what better way to support this project than to broadcast the record on framework and call to arms all it’s loyal listeners?  so that’s what i’ve done: near the end of this edition (around minute 50, if you’re downloading) you will find sebastiane hegarty’s piece mo (nu) ment, which was recorded from his bedroom window during a 3 minute silence held for the victims of the asian tsunami disaster of 2005.  play it back over whatever speakers you have, record it with whatever you have at hand, and, dear listener, send it back to us here at framework.  if we get enough we’ll broadcast a selection of them, and forward them on to sebastiane for his project. so there you go.  to arms!

one other (very small) announcement: i’m trying out a new feature to the playlist, in the form of specific time details for the tracks played. it is often pointed out to me that it’s very hard, via the playlist, to tell what is what in the show, since rarely is a single piece broadcast on it’s own, and all the playlist gives is track order.  now that you can download the show it occurred to me it might be useful to have specific start/end points for each track, to help you if you fancy trying to decipher what’s what.  please let me know if this is at all useful to you – if no one’s bothered, well then, it’s less work for me not to bother either…

again, we are always looking for material for the show, whether raw field recordings, field recording based composition or introduction submissions.  we are also now accepting proposals for full editions of our guest-curated series.  send proposals or material, released or not, on any format, to the address below.  if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

00:00 – 04:00  /  brett lischalk  /  framework intro
[no web info]

02:00 – 08:47  /  mnortham  /  quelques metres du glacier d’orny  / nekton falls [compilation]  /  celestial dragon
http://preg.org/~mnortham, http://www.sonic-dragon.com/celestial_dragon.htm

06:01 – 13:27  /  joseph young  /  10 ways to live well  /  10 ways to live well  /  field

09:31 – 12:44  /  mystified  /  muffled milk  /  fragment, compress  / gruenrekorder
http://www.mystifiedmusic.com, http://www.gruenrekorder.de

12:54 – 19:28  /  lawrence english  /  swan  /  for varying degrees of winter  /  baskaru
http://www.lawrenceenglish.com, http://www.baskaru.com

16:19 – 19:05  /  mystified  /  man of iron  /  fragment, compress  / gruenrekorder
http://www.mystifiedmusic.com, http://www.gruenrekorder.de

19:00 – 32:52  /  social interiors  /  mound of mounds  /  spatial circumference  /  endgame

32:32 – 37:47  /  franziska baumann  /  birsay  /  nekton falls [compilation]  /  celestial dragon
http://www.franziskabaumann.ch, http://www.sonic-dragon.com/celestial_dragon.htm

35:32 – 41:30  /  lawrence english  /  soft touch  /  for varying degrees of winter  /  baskaru
http://www.lawrenceenglish.com, http://www.baskaru.com

41:05 – 44:37  /  mystified  /  drop and bend  /  fragment, compress  /  gruenrekorder
http://www.mystifiedmusic.com, http://www.gruenrekorder.de

42:18 – 48:54  /  roel meelkop  /  thanatos springs  /  nekton falls [compilation]  /  celestial dragon

42:18 – 48:54  /  sebastiane hegarty  /  mo (nu) ment ssv7_4:4  /  -  /  –

53:17 – 59:30  /  lawrence english  /  unsettled sleep  /  for varying degrees of winter  /  baskaru
http://www.lawrenceenglish.com, http://www.baskaru.com

patrick 2007, regular edition

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