we featured several pieces that are available online this week, with works on the zeromoon and test tube net labels, and gilles aubry‘s self-released document of a recent live performance.  we also heard a classic from the recently revitalised sonoris records, providers of this work by artificial memory trace, along with one of our all-time favorites, steve roden’s ‘the radio.’  also a postrain (that is, after the rain) recording by steve burnett, who also sent us a framework intro to follow in the coming months, and an intro this week by kevin lockwood.
but our feature this week was a live set recorded exclusively for us by rob curgenven and derek holzer, who are touring europe at this moment, and will be playing several gigs in the uk in the coming days.  some info on their uk dates:
apr 12 – klinker club, south london, uk, the ivy house pub, 40 stuart rd, se15
apr 13 – klinker club, north london, uk, the black horse, 37 wedmore st, n19
apr 14 – The blue lagoon, bristol, uk, 20 gloucester rd
there will be more gigs to follow, in paris, amsterdam, den haag, and berlin; for specific info on the project and those concert dates, see their website: http://www.umatic.nl/info_rand.html
kevin lockwood  /  framework intro
artificial memory trace  /  skeletune(s)  /  distori (noah)  /  sonoris
gilles aubry  /  urbanus vulgaris  /  -  /  –
das naturhistorische museum der klänge  /  we came here to have some ice cream  /  diensteingang  /  zeromoon
my fun  /  home tape  /  idyll  /  test tube
steve burnett  /  ambient postrain  /  -  /  –
rob curgenven & derek holzer  /  live set recorded exclusively for framework
das naturhistorische museum der klänge  /  when i first saw you  /  diensteingang  /  zeromoon


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