this edition of framework:afield was produced in zurich, switzerland by jason kahn. for more information see jason says:

In the radio piece Unheard Zürich I interviewed people from Zürich about what their favorite sound or sounding place in the city is and made recordings of these places and sounds. I decided to have the people interviewed speak in their native language (Swiss German, Italian, English), as this also reflects the sound of Zürich. Unheard Zürich is another in my series of Unheard Cities works, where I investigate how people living in cities perceive the sounds around them.

People interviewed:

Magali Bucher
Mattea Gianotti
Jason Kahn
Mira Kahn
Hansjörg Köfler
Tomas Korber
Marcus Maeder
Dave Phillips
Ralph Steinbrüchel
Christof Steinmann
Christian Weber
Manfred Werder

patrick 2007, framework:afield

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