#609: 2017.07.30 [pheobe riley law & jez riley french]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the uk by pheobe riley law and jez riley french. PLEASE NOTE: this is our last edition before our annual summer break, where we take the month of august (and a bit) off to weed the garden, read a book, and recharge our ears. we’ll be back with edition #610 on sunday, september 17th. in the meantime, we know you can’t live without out, so please take this time to explore some of the shows you might have missed in the archive, or experiment with our eternal random players. and please, as always, consider making a donation so we can come back with a strong autumn season! here are this edition’s notes, from the producers:

a quiet position – orford ness
curated by JrF & Pheobe riley Law

Jez riley French – build
Pheobe riley Law – E4/139 (extract)
Nikki Sheth – Orford Grass
Jez riley French – in […]

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