#649: 2018.07.08 [boris chassagne]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in quebec, canada by boris chassagne, and is entitled 60 secondes radio. for more information see http://www.60secondesradio.com. producer’s notes:

60 Second Radio presented its 4th edition last spring. Over the years and since 2015, more than 400 radio works were submitted to this international radio art competition by radio artist originating from more than 40 countries and in some 15 languages. 60 Second Radio is based in Montréal. It is a contest but also a broadcast platform which distributes freely the audio works collected to non-profit radios and festivals around the globe. Many radio stations, radio festivals and independent radio artists have aired many selections of the sounds produced in 2015, 16, 17, and 2018, Framework Radio being one of them. Here a 57 minute selection of exactly that, 57 works from at least 57 different artists, most with some elements of field recording. You can also listen to all audio works from present and pas editions of the contest on the 60 Second Radio soundcloud:

https://soundcloud.com/60secondesradio/sets/2018-60-s-radio […]

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