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this week we continue our look back at some early framework:afield classics, as we revisit our first ever “official” bimonthly edition of the series, produced in new york city by artist, publisher and printer ben owen, and first broadcast on the 5th of may, 2006. it is comprised of recordings of a live performance from october, 2005, featuring a real-time mix of raw field recordings by a collective of local phonographers, the nyc phonographers union. for more information follow the artist links in the playlist below.

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Albert Casais
Composed of location recordings and improvisations with found objects(found at the location) made at Shark River in Neptune, New Jersey.

Richard Garet
The source was recorded from a dog camp on top of a glazier in alaska during summer 2005.,

Bruce Tovsky
UNDERPASS [excerpt]
live mix of binaural recordings made of resonant spaces in and around the bridges and highways of DUMBO and Williamsburg in Brooklyn.,

Andy Hayleck
Four recordings in succession: melting pond ice, a metal box in the wind, close up of a single wasp in its nest, and crackling shrimp recorded with a failing hydrophone.,

Ben Owen
bugs attracted to light, binaural recording in acra NY, and cicada’s in Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto Japan. 2005.,

Seth Cluett
For the garden performance you will hear field recordings from sicily and calabria in southern italy.  the main sounds are a bell ringing inside a church, a group of women singing recorded from outside of a church, waves from the ionian sea recorded at foot level with a microphone on each leg, water drips from a 400 year old gutter in the town of Patti, and birds recorded through a bamboo fence in the palermo botanical garden.

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