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firstly, let me say that the general joy of this new edition, produced before i learned the sad news, has been deadened by the passing of the wonderful musician and person sawako kato, who died this week, at the far far too young age of 47, at home in tokyo. sawako first appeared in framework’s 2nd edition, and was one of our first ever live studio guests, visiting resonance fm’s denmark street studios for our 4th edition, on july 28th, 2002, and performing a wonderful minimal live set. she gently reprimanded this inexperienced young radio engineer afterwards, for fiddling with her levels during the set, in my paranoia that her subtle sounds were not loud enough to meet uk broadcast “standards”. i have never quite gotten over that shame. i didn’t meet her again in person until years later, in new york city, and it seemed like another planet to that first london meeting when we were both in our 20’s; her confidence and place in that community were apparent. we’ve continued to follow and be impressed by the development of her work since that first meeting, even when it wasn’t always appropriate for a field recording radio show, and we are saddened that we will never have a chance to meet her again, after another long gap, in yet another distant corner of the world. we have started working on a tribute edition – i’m not yet sure if it will be ready for next week or for the week after, but stay tuned.

meanwhile, back to the playlist, which like the show, was written before i learned the news: i have a little list that i maintain, for my own personal amusement, of experimental musicians that i knew before either of us knew that we were going to be experimental musicians. in 1995 i worked at a tower records in boston with keith fullerton whitman (he to be of hrvatski & mimaroglu music). the following year i met matthew swiezynski (who would found ingenting kollektiva and the invisible birds label that would even release some collaborative work i did with yannick dauby) when we worked at a cinema together, and traded copies of zoviet france records. but even before that, in the earlier 90’s, i went to college with marlo de lara (aka marlo eggplant, and the founder of ladyz in noize), whose evocative monophonic collage noise i am very happy to feature on the show this week for the first time. if you don’t know her work, check it out.

and what better way to accompany marlo’s work that with recordings of airport luggage conveyor belts captured by checking bags with running recorders inside them by none other than francisco lópez? some review i read of this said, ‘sounds exactly like what it is…’ and that’s a good thing.

also, after last week’s shameless self-promotion, the other latest release from unfathomless, by masayuki imanishi, a new one from room40 by madeleine cocoles, our latest selection of listener-chosen favorites from the the aporee soundmaps, and a framework introduction recorded for us in mexico by regular contributor barry cullen.

[time / artist / track / release / label]

00:00 – 05:24 / barry cullen / framework introduction, recorded in mexico

03:20 – 08:25 / piotrek zyla / fountains / bucharest, ro / aporee soundmaps

05:17 – 20:26 / masayuki imanishi / asphalt / asphalt/concrete / unfathomless

08:40 – 10:55 / marlo de lara / rinse and drain / cannae / acatter archive,

10:41 – 22:18 / francisco lópez / new york (jfk) / converyor belts [usa] / nowhere [worldwide]

13:35 – 19:37 / madeleine cocolas / drift / bodies / room40,

16:46 – 27:53 / sem zeeman / [51.98021° N, 4.11153° O] / noorderhoofd, nl / aporee soundmaps

19:34 – 26:46 / marlo de lara / homing / cannae / acatter archive,

25:52 – 31:49 / madeleine cocolas / the creek / bodies / room40,

28:04 – 38:56 / francisco lópez / chicago (ord) / converyor belts [usa] / nowhere [worldwide]

33:00 – 53:16 / masayuki imanishi / concrete / asphalt/concrete / unfathomless

33:46 – 36:23 / marlo de lara / it works like this / cannae / acatter archive,

35:33 – 42_25 / diane barbé & selu herraiz / quiet night in the palmas chilenas / valparaíso, cl / aporee soundmaps

38:54 – 45:11 / madeleine cocolas / exhale / bodies / room40,

41:27 – 45:48 / marlo de lara / pocket / cannae / acatter archive,

44:11 – 53:59 / francisco lópez / seattle (sea) / converyor belts [usa] / nowhere [worldwide]

49:04 – 53:54 / capture / abbaye sainte marie du désert / bellegarde-sainte-marie, fr / aporee soundmaps

52:36 – 57:30 / marlo de lara / storm brewing / cannae / acatter archive,

54:30 – 59:00 / maciej janasik / beach with tall cliffs / dorgali, it / aporee soundmaps

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