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this edition of framework:afield has been produced in greece by alexandros hadjitimotheou, and is entitled the great black cormorant chant. for more of his work see producer’s notes:

18 April, 5:45, Lake Petres, Amyntaio, Greece.

Perched upon a modest hill, I survey the landscape before me, where leafless trees stand in front of a serene lake. A congregation of cormorants occupies the branches of these trees. My elevated position on the hill resembles of an amphitheater. The sound, enveloping me, appears to lack a discernible center. The sound, enveloping me, conjures images of a boat navigating the waves.

The Artwork created exclusively for the album by the artist Evita Voudouri.
Aknowledgments to: Evita Voudouri and Yiorgis Sakellariou.

alexandros hadjitimotheou, 2024.03

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