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this special edition is our second week in tribute to steve roden, who passed away on september 6th at the age of 59. we are listening to a selection of his works spanning a period between 1993 and 2020, both under his own name and as in be tween noise, including the track he contributed to our very first release on framework editions in 2009, the 4-disc compilation framework250. we began the show with a special framework introduction recorded in his memory by steve peters. links to the releases online, wherever possible, are included in the tracklist below. the image we are using was gleaned from steve’s website. we highly recommend, if you are unfamiliar with steve’s work, that you explore it – here are a few links you could a start with, including one to the piece written by lawrence english from which we read in the show:

one last time (sorry if you’re tired of reading this), i will reprint the few words i wrote when i first heard about steve’s passing:

a few days ago, we lost another artist who has been incredibly important to framework radio, and to my personal development as an artist, for years, or rather decades. steve roden was a gentle, open, kind, incredible composer and visual artist with a spectacular ear for detail, texture and structure. his early work as in be tween noise was one of my first discoveries in the world of experimental music as a young hopeful in the 90’s, and his subsequent development of and into the lowercase sound movement under his own name never failed to impress. i never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, despite many failed attempts on the rare occasions when we found ourselves in the same city, but our correspondence over more than 15 years was always encouraging, warming and thought-provoking. steve’s work made regular appearances in the show (the first in one of our earliest editions), he contributed a beautiful program to the first round of our framework:afield series of guest-produced programs, and he graciously contributed a new track to our very first release on framework editions, 2009’s framework250 compilation. steve passed away far too early, at the age of 59. we are heartbroken that we never got to shake his hand.

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  release  /  label]

00:00 – 05:27  /  steve peters  /  framework introduction, recorded on his back porch

03:01 – 13:01  /  steve roden  /  crop circles  /  crop circles  /  ameublement d’oiseaux,

06:01 – 16:06  /  steve roden  /  of space enclosed by planes or surfaces  /  translations and articulations  /  griffin contemporary exhibitions

10:30 – 23:35  /  steve roden/in be tween noise  /  the radio  /  the radio  /  sonoris

15:10 – 23:15  /  steve roden/in be tween noise  /  glow  /  lamp (within/without the skin)  /  interior sounds

20:28 – 24:05  /  steve roden/in be tween noise  /  rust  /  chair (a subscape of resonance)  /  interior sounds

22:13 – 30:03  /  steve roden/in be tween noise  /  a head of bees  /  splint (the soul of wood)  /  interior sounds

23:48 – 33:12  /  steve roden  /   jellyfish so like the moon (second bench)  /  four possible landscapes  /  trente oiseaux

27:59 – 39:20  /  steve roden  /  oder delias or butterflies  /  oder delias or butterflies  /  non visual objects,

30:18 – 35:49  /  in be tween noise  /  the wishing bells (part 1)  /  humming endlessly in the hush  /  new plastic music

34:28 – 42:19  /  steve roden  /  forms of paper  /  forms of paper  /  line,

35:32 – 49:52  /  steve roden  /  resonant cities  /  resonant cities  /  trente oiseaux

38:15 – 54:21  /  steve roden  /  winter couplet  /  winter couplet  /  new plastic music

41:41 – 49:05  /  steve roden  /  small fire 3  /  gradual small fires (and a resonant bowl of milk)  /  901 editions

44:43 – 56:15  /  steve roden  /  airria (hanging garden)  /  speak no more about the leaves  /  sirr

52:19 – 58:00  /  steve roden  /  six small storms  /  framework250  /  framework editions

56:19 – 59:00  /  in be tween noise  /  made  /  so delicate and strangely made  /  new plastic music

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3 Replies

  1. I just wanted to say that I heard some of this on KFJC last night. So I picked up a few of his last releases on Room40 (on Bandcamp) that I heard you mention for one of the tracks. I’ll listen to these two shows you did too. (Ha, probably with the talking, and then without the talking. ) Just know that you helped to introduce a new fan to his music. Dang, he passed away too young …

    1. thank you so much for listening, kevin. and for getting in touch. steve’s work deserves all of our attention.

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