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this edition, entitled ice and signal, has been produced in canada by david parker & stefan christoff. for more artist information, visit the social media links below. producer’s notes:

Ice and Signal is a soundscape collage by David Parker and Stefan Christoff. It incorporates original music and field recordings mixed with selected tracks that aim to evoke a shared space of community and togetherness.

This is a sonic reflection that points to the multitude of emotional worlds and experiences within campus/community radio spaces – their physical locations – as sites of artistic wonder, but also rebellious spaces that push back against media frameworks that are driven by consumerism and capitalism. In recent years online radio spaces, particularly during the pandemic, have also created shared spaces of rebellious community. This is embodied in projects like the Palestinian online radio platform, Radio AlHara.

Community radio and the works created within such spaces often reflect the potentialities of alternative worlds. Through their very existence, these spaces create the opportunity for both personal growth and collective struggle.

This artistic contribution is a playful way of celebrating these ideas, bringing them to listeners in an abstract format that experiments with the goal of producing something that evokes a collective felt experience that is ephemeral, spacious and expansive. The work is ambient, experimental, and composed for the radio medium.

Christoff and Parker have decades of experience organizing, working, and volunteering at community stations across Canada.

This mix includes original experimentations on synth by David Parker, acoustic guitar by Stefan Christoff, a windy soundscape from Plattsburgh, NY, an original reading by Bolivian poet Alejandro Saravia. This mix also includes a couple instrumental pieces from A Silver Moon X a joint release between Stefan Christoff and Julia Dyck out on Aural Canyon records in Texas. Finally this mix ends with a piece from my brother Jordan Christoff’s duet project PJS, with Source from the album Origin Stories. This mix was created for broadcast on both online and FM radio stations globally.

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