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a quick note about next week’s show – we originally announced that we would be continuing the airing of our latest edition of framework:seasonal is edition #836, but due to the annual takeover of framework radio in honor of international women’s day, that plan will be pushed back to our next regular edition, #838. #836 is being curated and produced by jilliene sellner in the uk and features women working with field recordings, both new and familiar names to our airwaves.

this edition of framework:afield, entitled soundings, has been produced in switzerland by jason kahn. for more of his work see producer’s notes:

The radio piece Soundings is an adaption of the book of the same name, which is a collection of 77 texts and field recordings, with each text being written in reaction to one of the recordings on the accompanying CD.

The idea here is to think about how sounds in our everyday lives trigger certain memories or images. And to explore this through the writing of these texts as a kind of field recording of our thoughts and sensations in relation to hearing these sounds again in their recorded form, frozen in time and disassociated from their original source.

links to the book:

-jason kahn, 2023.02
patrick 2023, framework:afield

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