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another little reminder that we have recently released the latest edition of our ongoing series of fundraising compilations, framework:seasonal, and it has been getting great reviews. if you haven’t had a listen yet (we’ll start airing the tracks in next week’s show), go on over to our bandcamp page and check it out, and if you like if, buy it! this is one of the ways we use to keep the show on the air, so show your support for framework by paying real money for a (great) virtual release with no physical form:

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in france by pierre juillard. for more of his work see producer’s notes:

Bonjour, i’m Pierre Juillard from France. I’m working in ecology and protection of biodiversity and I’m a musician and audio-naturalist as well. This programme called ‘unknown languages’ was recorded between March and September 2022, in the east of Burgundy. All these places are located around my home : large forests, dry meadows, cliffs and wetlands.

This piece summarizes hours of lonely hikes, waiting, contemplation, observation, silence, restrained breathing … and enhances the biodiversity of this area full of rich natural sites, but highly threatened by human activities as everywhere else in the world.

I collected these recordings for an educational project with the aim of raising awareness of biodiversity of sound and encouraging the listener to discover for himself. It was also a beautiful deep listening experience for me, focused on the acoustics of places and the discovery of new languages.

You will hear the songs of some of the more representative insects, birds and amphibians of this region. No processed sounds here. Have a good listen.

pierre juillard, 2023.02

[ time / sounds ]

01:20 – 06:50 / Great Crested Grebe & Eurasian Coot calls / Great Reed Warbler song / Reeds

06:50 – 11:35 / Alpine Swift cries / Peregrine Falcon’s alarm / Storm / Cliffs

11:35 – 20:40 / Tree frogs & Green frogs songs / Pond

20:40 – 26:20 / Songs of Field Cricket / Song of Common Nightingale, European Turtle Dove & Eurasian Golden Oriole / Meadow

26:20 – 29:10 / Squall of the deer & Wolf Spider drumming / Forest edge

29:10 – 31:35 / Songs of Italian Cricket / Sheeps and Woodlark / Dry grassland

31:35 – 33:35 / Common frogs & Common toads songs / Pond

33:35 – 42:00 / Song of Tawny Owl / Cry of Roe Deer / Forest

42:00 – 47:05 / Natterjack toad songs / Eurasian Stone-curlew’s cries / Pond

47:05 – 49:50 / Great Spotted Woodpecker’s drumming / Eurasian Jay’s alarm / Black Woodpecker’s cries / Forest

49:50 – 55:20 / European Nightjar’s song / Songs of Field Cricket / Cry of Roe Deer / Dry grassland

55:20 – 58:20 / Acoustics of a cavern / Unidentified bat / Cave

patrick 2023, framework:afield

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