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before we get to this week’s show, i am very excited, at long-last, to make this announcement: after a break of nearly 3 years, framework:seasonal, our series of fund-raising compilation releases, is finally returning. issue #12, winter 2023, is available on bandcamp for pre-order NOW:

it will be released fully this wednesday, february 8th. it features new works by a collection of artists who have been consistent contributors to the program, but whose work (bar one collaborator) has not yet appeared on a framework editions release. we are excited beyond description to present to you works by:

  • alëna korolëva (russia / canada)
  • blanc sceol (stephen shiell & hannah white, uk)
  • annette krebs & peter cusack (germany / uk)
  • samuel kudjodzi (ghana / germany)

each artist/duo has contributed around 20 mins of new unpublished material for the release, all of which will be aired on the show in the coming weeks. in the meantime, here’s a sneak peak at the track notes – go and check it out:

but now on to the show! this week’s edition of framework:afield has been curated and produced in mexico by yair lópez. producer’s notes:

This episode is curated by Yair López in collaboration with the Mexican Center for Music and Sound Arts (CMMAS) with pieces generated within the International Field Recording Meeting (EIGC). We present sounds recorded in various points of Jalisco, State, Mexico: El Estero el Salado in Puerto Vallarta, the surroundings of Talpa de Allende, and the Ribera de Chapala (taking Jocotepec as epicenter). The EIGC was born in 2011 and in 2022 it celebrates five editions, four of which have been supported by the headship of Music and Sound Art of the Secretary of Culture of the state of Jalisco. This variety of places and ecosystems have been explored by a transdisciplinary work group made up of: biologists, scientists, artists with a solid track record, and artists in training through a residency program in 2019, 2020, and 2021. The variety of interests, working techniques, and technological tools of each of the participants gives an amazing richness to each of the pieces. We are very excited to be able to share the pieces generated by: Andrés Aguilar, Antonio Reyes, Daniela Olmedo, Enrique Flores Trinidad, Erik Sánchez, Juan Antonio Vargas, Kimberlyn Madariaga, Miguel Meléndez, Raymundo Macedo, Tania Rubio, Tito Rivas, and Vico Valle.

We would like to thank EIGC (Ollin Raya), Estero El Salado (Jaime Torres), Instituto Vallartense de Cultura (Marina de Los Santos, Arturo Dávila, Arturo Montero), Talpa de Allende, Jocotepec, Laboratorio Sensorial (Andrés Aguilar), Centro Universitario de la Costa (Abraham Reyes), Secretaría de Cultura de Jalisco (Lourdes González, Alvaro Lara, Pablo De la Peña, Javier Audirac, Rodrigo Martínez), CMMAS (Rodrigo Sigal, Francisco Colasanto) and, Secretaría de Cultura, a través del Centro Nacional de las Artes y el proyecto Chapultepec, Naturaleza y Cultura por medio de la convocatoria: Territorios enlazados 2022.

@grabaciondecampo @cmmas_org @andresaguilarmartineznegrete, @daninaolm, @enrique.flores.trinidad, @eriksanchezgdl, @estridentismo, @kimnestesia, @maicslow, @macedoraymundo, @tanisrubi0, @tito.phonos y @vicovalle, Curated by Yair López @germen__

yair lópez, 2022.11

[time / artist / track (location)]

00:00 – 01:20 / framework:afield intro

01:20 – 04:40 / Tito Rivas / En el Umbral (Estero El Salado)

04:43 – 08:00 / Andrés Aguilar / Madrigueras (Estero El Salado)

08:05 – 11:50 / Raymundo Macedo / Estero El Salado (Estero El Salado)

11:53 – 15:55 / Tania Rubio / Coros de un amanecer (Estero El Salado)

16:00 – 21:25 / Daniela Olmedo / Más Allá de las Voces (Ribera de Chapala)

21:30 – 25:30 / Erick Sánchez / Ribera de Chapala (Ribera de Chapala)

25:35 – 29:30 / Juan Antonio Vargas / Teoclacatl (Ribera de Chapala)

29:35 – 31:50 / Vico Valle / Hablo bajo el agua y escucho en la tierra

33:55 – 39:20 / Miguel Meléndez / Agua Crujiente (Ribera de Chapala)

39:25 – 46:20 / Antonio Reyes Venegas / Recitaciones (Ribera de Chapala)

46:25 – 51:30 / Enrique Flores Trinidad / Paisaje Metafórico en Talpa de Allende (Talpa de Allende)

51:20 – 58:20 / Kimberlyn Madariaga / Talpa de Allende (Talpa de Allende)

58:20 – 59:00 / framework:afield outro

patrick 2023, framework:afield

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