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this week’s edition of framework:afield has been produced and mixed in the uk by iris garrelfs. producer’s notes:

This one hour composition is the result of a workshop exploring the relationship between field recordings and the voice. It was conducted remotely by Iris Garrelfs, for the International Field Recording Meeting (EIGC) based in Mexico in summer 2022.

Coming from a range of Latin American countries, some of the participants were new to the practice, others were more experienced. Locations included large cities and smaller places as well as indoor and outdoor settings, populated by street vendors, musicians, cars, birds, dogs. You can hear markets, a university campus, sounds drifting into a basement.

After completion of the workshop participants selected or created a 1-2min long section from their source recordings which were then combined into this 1 hour long piece by Iris Garrelfs. The result superimposes spatially disjointed, but temporally corresponding experiences across the continent, from Guadalajara in Mexico over Trinidad in Bolivia to Buenos Aires in Argentina.

iris garrelfs, 2022.11

for more info about the international field recording meeting see; or for more of iris’ work see

[ sounds recorded by (in order of appearance): ]

Lore Villanueva
Albania Juárez
Mayra Daniela Olmedo
Asaph Sánchez
Alejandra Aguiñaga
Damián José Alférez
Diana Restrepo
Emi Perez
Erik Sánchez
Marian X
Andrea Moreno
Fernanda Barreto
Juan Antonio Vargas Barraza
Malena Velarde
Laura Alzate
Linhs Salinas
Manuel Figueroa (desert cat soundfish)
Nancy Quiroga
Federico Viviescas Ramírez
Marina Fages
Oliverio Espindola
Victor Clave
Rafael de Alday Lira
Victoria Valle Chávez
Miguel Ángel Meléndez Campos
Leonardo Secco

patrick 2022, framework:afield

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